Gravity PDF Certificates (Featured Image)

Six Superb Certificates Have Landed in the Template Shop

Certificates need to look impressive and something the recipient would want to keep and be proud of. With that in mind, we’ve created six fantastic PDF designs that you can automatically generate with your Gravity Forms data

Gravity PDF 6.3 Released (Featured Image)

Gravity PDF 6.3 Released

Small updates can pack a big punch, and Gravity PDF 6.3 is no exception! The primary focus for 6.3 has been to allow sharing of the Gravity PDF download URL to third party services. We’ve also added native support for Gravity Wiz’s new Entry Block perk.

Previewer 2.0.1 Update (Featured Image)

Previewer 2.0.1 Update

We’ve just released version 2.0.1 of the Previewer add-on. As with all point releases, this update only focuses on squishing bugs. Refer to the changelog below for the full details.

Gravity PDF 6.2.1 Update (Featured Image)

Gravity PDF 6.2.1 Released

We’ve released Gravity PDF 6.2.3 which squashes a couple of pesky bugs 🪲 reported by users. Make sure your plugin is up to date to avoid any issues.

Previewer 2.0 (WordPress)

Previewer 2.0 Brings a Ton of New Features

Gravity PDF Previewer 2.0 is a major update that includes an array of fantastic new features! Viewing PDFs before form submission has never been so easy.

Gravity PDF 6.2 (WordPress)

Gravity PDF 6.2 Released

Gravity PDF 6.2 has been released which includes support for Gravity Forms 2.6. Small adjustments have been made to the Gravity PDF user interface to provide full compatibility and seamless continuity when using Gravity Forms 2.6.

Gravity PDF 6.1.1 (Featured Image)

Gravity PDF 6.1.1 Update

We’re constantly working to improve Gravity PDF to provide our users with the best experience. We’ve just released the point release Gravity PDF 6.1.1 which includes bug fixes and housekeeping changes.

Gravity PDF 6.1 (WordPress)

Gravity PDF 6.1 Released

We’ve released Gravity PDF 6.1 which includes a new feature that improves user experience by adding a Copy to Clipboard feature when copying shortcodes on the PDF List page.

Gravity PDF 6.0.3 Update (image)

Gravity PDF 6.0.3 Update

We’ve published the point release Gravity PDF 6.0.3 which includes bug fixes. This update is also compatible with WordPress 5.6! So make sure to keep your plugin up to date to avoid any issues.


Previewer 1.2.11 Update

Previewer 1.2.11 has been released which fixes minor bugs in the Gravity Flow User Input step and Gravity Perks Read Only plugin integrations.

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