Almost Pretty Permalinks now supported in Gravity PDF 4.0.5

Gravity PDF 4.0.5 Now Available

For those unaware, Almost Pretty permalinks in WordPress are URLs that include index.php, and is usually prevalent on web servers running IIS 6. For example:

The good news is we now check which type of permalink your website is using and generate the correct PDF URL automatically.

We’ve also made changes to ensure our unit testing suite passes when running PHP 7.1 – at the time of writing PHP 7.1RC3 is available for testing purposes. As always, we recommend you run the latest production version of PHP to take maximum advantage of it’s performance and security (that’s PHP 7).

Other updates include fixes to how Rich Text is displayed in PDFs and disabling the product table when you’ve manually enabled individual products in your PDF templates.


  • Add support for “Almost Pretty” permalinks for web servers that don’t support Mod Rewrite (IIS) (GH#488)
  • Add PHP 7.1 support – resolves two string-to-array issues (GH#495)
  • Add <p> and <br> tags to Rich Text Paragraph field in PDF – using wpautop() (GH#490)
  • Disable product table when enabling the ‘individual_products’ option in core templates (GH#493)

This update is now available via one-click updates in your WordPress admin area and through

For the best experience we recommend you keep WordPress, your plugins and PHP updated.