Core Booster 2.1: Field Reordering, Advanced Styling, and More

If you thought Core Booster couldn’t get any better after the recent 2.0 release, we’ve doubled down and added even more features! This updates introduces a handful of useful options for both the Core (free) and Universal (paid) Gravity PDF templates, making it even easier to automate your business documents. Let’s dive straight into it!

Bringing Order To Your Form Fields

You can effortlessly sort and filter your form fields completely independent of the Form Editor. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop feature, or hold down shift + arrow keys on your keyboard. Whether it’s for an order form, contract, report, or any other document, you can now freely display the field’s most important to you.

We’ve also added support for Page Break fields. If you’re using them to label your pages, you now have the flexibility to filter and sort them in your PDFs.

The Gravity PDF Core Booster Field Selector setting. One of the items is being reordered higher up the list.

Gravity Wiz...ards 🪄

Are you building complex Gravity Forms with Gravity Wiz’s Nested Forms perk? Now you can sort and filter the child form fields in your PDFs. Cool, eh? But that’s not all. We’ve added a new PDF setting that’ll let you select one of three layout options for your Nested Forms.

Three PDFs side by side, each showcasing a different layout for the Gravity Wiz Nested Forms field in Gravity PDF.

The Standard format is the current Nested Forms layout in the PDF, but with a row ID added to the beginning of each section. The Table layout resembles your Nested Form summary, and the Transposed layout has the rows and columns reversed. The best part is all three formats support Core Booster’s new field sorting/filtering feature.

Master CSS and Become a PDF Bender 🫴 📑

A comparison of two PDFs. The left PDF is the base document, which looks nice but the fields all run into each other. The right PDF has targeted CSS styles that make the document more legible.

The goal of the Gravity PDF Core Booster extension has always been to give users more control over their PDFs. To that end, we’re introducing a new Additional CSS field that’ll allow power users to fine-tune the look and feel of the documents. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with CSS; we’ve preloaded a bunch of common styles you can turn out with minimal effort.  😉

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Ready to explore the new features?

If you already own Core Booster, and have an active license on your website, you can update from your WordPress admin area. Otherwise, download version 2.1 from your account page.

Note: If you do use a Universal template on your website, make sure to update to v3.0+ to take full advantage of all the features in this release!


New Features

  • Field order can be controlled in the PDF (independent of the Form Editor) via the Field Selector setting
  • Add Page Break field to Field Selector (requires Gravity PDF 6.10.1+)
  • New Additional CSS setting allows custom styles to be added to PDF template
  • Add table and transposed table layout options for Gravity Wiz Nested Forms fields
  • Include row number when displaying Gravity Wiz Nested Forms fields in the standard layout
  • Add Nested Form fields to the Field Selector setting, allowing visibility and order control


  • Increase height of Field Selector (up to 800px) based on number of fields in the form
  • Improve keyboard accessibility of the Field Selector UI

Bugs Fixed

  • Only disable the “exclude” CSS class when the Filter Fields setting is enabled
  • Ensure Page Margin overrides templates that define margins on the first page
  • Fix issue displaying Nested Form field in PDF when Field Selector is enabled