Date and Time Issue Fixed in Form Data Array

In our 3.7.2 release we’ve patched an issue that displayed the incorrect time a Gravity Form entry was submitted and, in certain circumstances, would have an incorrect date displayed in custom PDF templates for Gravity PDF.

The issue was related to the way Gravity Forms stores the date/time information and the WordPress time zone setting – something that wasn’t factored into the date and time in custom templates.

The effected data includes:

  • $form_data['date_created']
  • $form_data['date_created_usa']
  • $form_data['misc']['date_time']
  • $form_data['misc']['time_24hr']
  • $form_data['misc']['time_12hr']

This correction will be applied automatically to custom templates and no user action or modifications to PDF templates are required.

The update is available via WordPress automatic updates or can be downloaded manually from the WordPress repo.