Formal Letter and Business Letters Updates

PDF Letter Updates (Image)

We’re constantly working to improve Gravity PDF to provide our users with the best experience. To that end, we’ve released updates for the following Letter templates:

These updates include new features including new date format options, and a feature that converts local images URL to path to speed up render times.

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If you’ve already purchased any of these templates, you can update by downloading their newer versions from your account page. Follow our premium template upgrade guide to install the updated template.

Thanks to all the users who have given us feedback on how to improve our Letter templates. It’s your continued support that makes Gravity PDF bigger and better.


New Features

  • Add new date format options: 29 November 2021, 29th November 2021, 29.11.2021, 29-11,2021, 11.29.2021, 11-29-2021, 2021.11.29.
  • Convert local image URL to path for faster render times
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