Gravity PDF 4.0.3 Released

In this update a number of problems have been fixed for our non-English speaking friends. You’ll also find minor enhancements that make life easier for both users and developers alike. Finally, Gravity PDF is fully tested in WordPress 4.6, which will be released mid-August.

Another notable change includes the update to version 1.1 for core PDF templates – Zadani, Rubix, Focus Gravity and Blank Slate. Most users won’t need to do anything to take advantage of the update, but if you’ve used the Setup Custom Templates feature you’ll be running an older version and need to re-run the template setup again (if you made modifications to these templates take a backup first).


  • Fix incorrect product calculations when using decimal comma format eg. 1.000,50 (GH#442)
  • Rename $config variable to $html_config in core templates (GH#451)
  • Don’t chain CSS in our default setters or set fixed font size in templates (GH#446)
  • Fix display issues for certain characters with DejaVu Sans font family in PDFs (GH#456)
  • Ensure QueryPath produces valid UTF-8 data after processing (GH#452)
  • Re-running the Custom Template Setup will override working directory templates with same name (GH#457)
  • Fixed legacy Name field PHP warnings (GH#448)
  • Replace translations with their escaped function counterparts (GH#463)
  • Duplicating PDFs will now be inactive by default (GH#458)
  • Tweaked the “Show Page Names” field description (GH#449)

This update is now available via one-click updates in your WordPress admin area and through

For the best experience we recommend you keep WordPress, your plugins and PHP updated.