Gravity PDF 4.1.1 Released

This update is now available via one-click updates in your WordPress admin area and through

For the best experience we recommend you keep WordPress, your plugins and PHP updated.


  • Bug: Add check to see if headers are already sent before trying to redirect to the welcome / update page (GH#601)
  • Bug: Fixed issue accessing the Advanced Template Manager in Safari browser (GH#603)
  • Bug: Ensure the Advanced Template Manager notice and error messages have the correct styles in the Form PDF Settings pages (GH#604)
  • Bug: Fix PDF generation problem using the legacy v3 URL structure (GH#605)

Help and Support

If you run into any problems with Gravity PDF 4.1.1 please submit a support ticket and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist. If you’re a developer and find a bug you can report it directly on GitHub.