Gravity PDF 4.1-RC1 Now Available

We’ve been busy refining Gravity PDF 4.1 since the initial beta released last January. Thanks to great feedback from our testers, we’ve polished all the important bits, added compatibility for Gravity Forms 2.2, created the appropriate documentation for the website and now we just need to do final testing before a public release.

Didn’t see our 4.1-Beta1 announcement which showcased the new features found in Gravity PDF 4.1? Take a look.

Changes since Gravity PDF 4.1-Beta 1

Our Release Candidate is the final version available before we officially ship a public release. That means we think it’s ready but need your help to ensure a smooth release.

  • Change PDF Template selector verbiage from “Active” to “Select” (GH#582)
  • Allow PDF template uploads up to 10MB (GH#583)
  • Fix template upload error message bug which would cause a JS error instead of displaying the public error message (GH#583)
  • Remove `echo` statements on the `do_action` hooks (GH#585)
  • Conditionally verify zip mime type for PDF templates when the web server supports it (GH#587)
  • Fix PDF delete dialog box bug if ‘Cancel’ is selected and then you try delete the PDF again (GH#588)
  • Fix duplicate mergetag display issue when a new PDF template is loaded (GH#589)
  • Fix PHP notice when checking role capabilities (GH#590)
  • Add PDF template installation helper text (GH#592)
  • Increase the PDF template update message timeout to 12 sections (GH#593)
  • Show generic PDF install / update message on the Template Dropzone (GH#594)
  • Add Gravity Forms 2.2 Logging support (GH#596)

WARNING: While this is a Release Candidate it may still contain bugs that can cause issues on your website. We do NOT recommend using it in a production environment.

Download 4.1-RC1

Install via uploading the zip file using the plugin installer, or using FTP.