Gravity PDF 6.4.6: Housekeeping and Bug Fixes

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We’ve just released Gravity PDF 6.4.6 which includes a few minor bug fixes when displaying the Gravity Perks Nested Forms add-on in PDFs. We also fixed an issue displaying the Background Image URL when it included merge tags. Finally, we’ve removed the initialized message from the logs. Read the full changelog below.

How to Update Gravity PDF

This update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates, or the plugin can be downloaded from and installed manually via File Upload or FTP.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.



  • Remove initialized message from Gravity PDF logs

Bugs Fixed

  • Adjust Nested Forms and Repeater field PDF markup to ensure a unique ID attribute for any HTML tags
  • Prevent duplicate grid css classes being added to Nested Forms HTML tags
  • Process merge tags in Background Image PDF setting before late escaping in the PDF HTML markup
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