Gravity PDF 6.5: Quality of Life Improvements for Developers

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Gravity PDF 6.5 sees us overhaul a little-known UI screen that was overlooked during the initial Gravity Forms 2.5 overhaul: the global PDF Extensions settings page, which is part of our PDF Global Settings pages. We overlooked it because we don’t actually have any Gravity PDF add-ons that register new global settings (yet), but a new extension in the works does register new global settings and how we noticed this oversight.

The gfpdf_core_template hook was updated to include context about the current PDF being generated. This will allow conditional CSS to be injected into Core and Universal PDFs dynamically. We also added an associated gfpdf_core_template_{$form_id} hook, too.

Other changes include standardizing how notices are displayed on Gravity PDF pages, a version bump to some of our JavaScript packages, validating custom template filenames when uploading to the PDF Template Manager, and fixing a couple PHP notices.

How to Update Gravity PDF

This update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates, or the plugin can be downloaded from and installed manually via File Upload or FTP.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.



  • Update Global Extension Settings UI to be Gravity Forms 2.5 compatible
  • Adjust how admin Notices are handled on Gravity PDF pages
  • Update JavaScript package bundle


  • Add filterable CSS class names to the PDF links in the admin area
  • Pass context to the gfpdf_core_template hook
  • Add gfpdf_core_template_{form_id} hook to target specific forms

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix undefined rtl notice in Core PDF templates
  • Fix PHP8.1 notice when saving PDF settings
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