Invoices 2.2 Supports EU VAT for Gravity Forms Add-on

Gravity PDF Invoices now support the EU VAT for Gravity Forms plugin, and will correctly display the calculated VAT tax in your PDF invoices. The EU VAT plugin provides a tax solution for EU businesses who use Gravity Forms to sell products or services online. The plugin automatically charges the appropriate VAT rate for buyers in EU countries. It does VAT ID verification via the VIES database, and can reverse-charge B2B sales. Plus, it can exclude non-EU customers.

A screenshot of the Gravity Forms Editor shows the EU VAT field configured to apply VAT to all products. An arrow points from this setting to the EU VAT line in the Invoice Summary of a PDF document.

Gravity PDF eCommerce Perk

If you are a Gravity Wiz fan and are using the eCommerce Perk, PDF invoices now supports the deduct deposit code snippet. When correctly configured, the PDF invoice will remove the deposit product from the line items and reduce the order total by that same amount.

A screenshot of a sample PDF where an orange arrow points to the deducted deposit amount, which is -50.00 euros.

Tax-Inclusive Pricing

A customer reported the calculated tax in their PDF invoice was incorrect when a coupon was applied to an order. This bug was tricky to fix because a coupon isn’t applied to any one product (and taxes are). To correct this, our team overhauled the invoice tax system so coupon discounts are automatically – and evenly – distributed between products before taxes are calculated. The end result: Tax-Inclusive Pricing and Gravity Forms Coupons work together seamlessly.

This wasn’t the only change to the invoice tax feature. All prices are now only rounded after all calculations are completed. This produces a more accurate total tax figure for the invoice, but can lead to the Unit Tax values not matching up with the new total. If you have the unit tax column visible in the Product Table we recommend adding a disclaimer to the Additional Information section.

Finally, if you hide the Unit Tax column in the Product Table the PDF Invoice will now display all prices with the tax included. If you choose to show this column the prices are displayed with the tax excluded. This change gives our customers greater flexibility and control over their invoices.

A screenshot of the browser displaying the PDF settings with the 'Hide Tax Column' option ticked. An arrow points from the 'Hide Tax Column' setting to a PDF that reflects this configuration.
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Upgrading your Template

For existing customers, you can download these updates from your account page. Once downloaded, follow our premium template upgrade guide to install on your website(s).

Thanks to all the users who have provided feedback on how to improve our Invoice templates. It is your continued support that makes Gravity PDF grow bigger and better.

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New Features

  • When Tax Column is hidden from the Product Table, products, shipping, and subtotals display their tax-inclusive price
  • Add support for EU VAT for Gravity Forms plugin
  • Add support for Gravity Wiz’s Deduct Deposit code snippet

Bugs Fixed

  • When doing tax-inclusive calculations, deduct any coupons evenly from product totals
  • Don’t round the calculated pricing / tax / shipping values until prices are displayed in the invoice (more accurate tax total).