Minor bugs fixed in Gravity PDF 4.0.1

After two weeks of feedback we’re happy to release Gravity PDF 4.0.1 which sees a number of edge-case bug fixes, and the restoration of HTML in radio and checkbox fields when viewing PDFs. It’s now available via one-click updates in your WordPress admin area and through WordPress.org.


  • Fixes PHP notice when viewing PDF and Category field is empty (GH#419)
  • Fixes PHP notice when viewing PDF and custom font directory is empty (GH#416)
  • Fixes Font Manager / Help Search features due to Underscore.js conflict when PHP’s deprecated ASP Tags enabled (GH#417)
  • Allows radio and checkbox values to show HTML in PDFs (GH#415)
  • Fixes PDF letter spacing issue with upper and lower case characters (GH#418)
  • Fixes character display problems using core Arial font in PDFs (GH#420)
  • Fixes documentation search error on PDF Help tab (GH#424)
  • Add additional check when cleaning up TMP directory (GH#427)

To ensure the best experience we recommend you always keep WordPress and your plugins updated.