Gravity PDF Bulk Generator Add-on (Artwork)

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There is a break in the clouds; one of Gravity PDF's most highly requested features is officially here.🎉

Picture this: you’re a Gravity PDF user and you regularly need to download hundreds of PDF entries all at the same time. Right now you have to manually download each and every PDFs over and over again. It can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. “If only I could download them all in bulk,” we hear you say! You ask for it and we’ve delivered. Introducing the newest addition to the family, the one, the only… Gravity PDF Bulk Generator *queue music* 🎶😱😍.

It's oh-so-conventient 😏

Okay, okay… We might be going a bit over the top with this announcement, but that’s because we truly believe the Bulk Generator add-on is a game changer for our users. It’s simple to use and it will SAVE you a heap of time managing your Gravity PDF-generated documents. In today’s world, that is invaluable and we know you’ll love it!

How It Works

Bulk Generator Flowchart

  1. Select multiple Gravity Form entries on your Gravity Forms Entry List pages, then initiate the Bulk Generator via the Download PDF bulk action.
  2. Configure the options: select which PDFs to generate and organise the download files using Gravity Forms Merge Tags.
  3. Start building! Wait for the process to finish… 
  4. Touchdown → Download Zip!

Lo and behold, you now have all your PDFs exported and organised in your selected folder structure! 

The plugin has been stress-tested with over 10,000 PDFs generated in a single run. And it’ll perform on high end VPS machines, right down to your budget shared hosting providers.

Ready, set, GO!
The Bulk Generator can be purchased from our Extension Shop.

Check out the Bulk Generator documentation to guide you through the installation and configuration process. If you need further assistance, you’re welcome to contact our friendly customer support team. 🤓

Until next time.

Happy (Bulk) PDFing!

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