PDF for GravityView 1.1: Send View PDF with Gravity Forms Notifications

We’ve just rolled out PDF for GravityView v1.1, which includes two awesome new features that’ll take your View’s PDF documents to the next level!

First up, the plugin now supports the all-new independent view type feature added to GravityView 2.24. This new GravityView setting allows you to display the Multiple Entries layout using the Table view type, but the Single Entry layout using the List format (or any other supported type). And now your PDFs will respect the specific format chosen for the Single Entry layout, too.

Displays a screenshot of the new Form Notifications setting added by the PDF for GravityView plugin, with the 'Admin Notification' choice selected. An arrow points to another screenshot showing an email with the PDF attachment included.

You can also include the Single Entry View PDFs as attachments in your Gravity Forms Notification emails. To facilitate this, a new Form Notification field has been added to the PDF View settings that allows you to select the specific emails. Unlike the Share a PDF field, PDFs from linked views are automatically attached to notification emails when Gravity Forms sends them.

Of course, no release is complete without the usual round of bug fixes 👍. Check out the full changelog below for all the details.

How to Update the PDF for GravityView Add-on

If you’ve an active license key for PDF for GravityView Add-on, this update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates. Alternatively, you can also download the plugin from your GravityPDF.com account and install it manually from your WordPress admin area, via File Upload or FTP.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.

We want to thank all the users for reporting these issues. It’s your direct feedback that makes Gravity PDF grow bigger and better.

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New Features

  • Support independent Single Entry Layout view type in PDF (added in GravityView 2.24+)
  • Add option to include Single Layout View PDFs as email attachments for Gravity Forms Notifications


  • Additional CSS editor height auto-adjusts to fit content

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix rendering problem in PDF when using {pricing_fields} merge tag in a Custom Content view field
  • Fix parse_str() PHP deprecation notice when displaying PDF download link
  • Exclude the Gravity Forms field from the PDF (added in GravityView 2.19+)
  • Remove duplicate field description from the Additional CSS setting when using GravityView 2.19+
  • Self-heal the Share PDF form if it gets deleted, trashed, or set to inactive
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