Six Superb Certificates Have Landed in the Template Shop

Gravity PDF Certificates (Featured Image)
We’re always looking for new ways to help you generate PDFs using Gravity Forms data and now you can automate PDF certificates with ease!

Certificates are important documents that can put the feather in the cap of someone who just finished an e-learning course, business seminar, online or in-person training, or any other momentous occasion, really 👏. Because of how essential certificates are to a lot of industries, it came as no surprise to us that it’s a popular request from our customers.

Certificates need to look impressive and something the recipient would want to keep and be proud of. With that in mind, we’ve created six fantastic PDF designs that you can automatically generate with your Gravity Forms data. These certificates are highly customizable, and you can add your logo, choose your paper size/orientation, then adjust the text + add merge tags to make it your own!

Functional, Stylish, and Professional PDF Certificates

These single-page PDFs pack a lot of features under the hood, so without further ado let’s take a closer look at what they can, umm, do…

Represent! Add Your Branding and Logo

A PDF certificate with labels pointing to the Logo and Business/Organization name in the document

Personalize each certificate by adding your own logo and business/organization name to top of every certificate. It’s simple and easy to do when setting up your new PDF for your form.

Dressed to Impress: Change Any and All Text

A PDF certificate with labels pointing to the Title, Presentation Line, Awardee, Recognition, Date, and Signature areas of the document.

From top to bottom, you control every aspect of the written word in your certificate. We include defaults, but, to paraphrase a popular proverb: “if you don’t like ‘em, change ‘em!” Add/edit your own title, presentation, and recognition lines. You can dynamically add the Awardee and Date info using Gravity Forms merge tags, and even include your own signature as an image. 

Scotty, we need more power! Well we’re Scotty and we’ve delivered with these certificates. ✍️

Certificates Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Three PDF certificates displayed using A4 Portrait, Legal Landscape, and Ledger Landscape paper sizes/orientations.

These elegant certificates come with a robust auto-scaling system that means you can use any standard and non-standard paper sizes, in both portrait or landscape orientation. Best of all your certificate will still look fantastic no matter what paper or orientation you choose (just be sure to change the font size when choosing bigger or smaller paper than the norm). 📑

Captain Time Saver (aka Gravity PDF)

A screenshot of the PDF settings with the merge tag selector open. An arrow points from the merge tag selector to an input field to signify form data can be displayed dynamically.

Integrate Gravity Forms merge tags with your certificate to dynamically display the recipient name and date. You aren’t limited to these two settings though. You might also use merge tags for the course name, or in the additional information section. No more manual input required!

We Should Change Our Middle Name To Automation…

A screenshot of the Gravity Forms Quiz add-on settings page with the PDF Certificate download link included

Gravity PDF certificates and Gravity Forms Quiz add-on fit like a glove. You can easily automate the delivery of certificates to users who pass your quiz using a download link or as an email attachment. Your users pass the test, get their certificates instantly, and you save a heap of time having to manually create each one. We call that a win-win all around!

Certificate Extravaganza ✨

Six PDF certificate designs available for Gravity PDF

No matter what style you’re looking for, we have something for all occasions. From elegant and professional designs, to those that are fun, funky, and feel-good. So what are you waiting for? Level up your certificates with Gravity PDF. ➕1️⃣

Level up your certificates!
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