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Team Member Spotlight

This is the fifth blog post in our Team Spotlight series, helping you learn more about the amazing and talented people behind Gravity PDF.

Team Member Spotlight Series

  1. Irene Llego
  2. Debbie Ellis
  3. Mc Glenn Tangalin
  4. Jestoni Sumande
  5. Justin Malana (current)
  6. Greg Zamora
  7. Zeke Tarranza

Meet Justin.

In this month’s Team Spotlight, we played 20 questions with one of our latest hires: Justin Malana, a Junior Software Developer at Gravity PDF. You can call him Jut for short (for our fellow Skyrim gamers out there the “Last Dragonborn” is also acceptable). He’s a full-time remote worker by day and a real-life adventurer/gamer by night. Justin spends most of his time helping build incredible Bespoke projects for customers. He also lends a hand with QA testing before new releases, and learning all he can about development to level-up. In this article, we find out more about Justin and his experience working with our awesome team.

Let’s dive into his spotlight interview and get to know more about Justin! 🧐

What's a fun fact about you that most people don't know about?

I have three keyboards which I assembled/built myself. Also, I stream some of my gaming sessions on Twitch. 🎮

What are three words to describe Gravity PDF?

Fun. Unique. Amazing.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

I honestly can’t live without food. Cliche as it sounds, but I get hungry fast. 😅

How does your current job compare with the previous jobs you’ve had?

Working here at Gravity PDF has been the best so far! It’s given me the work-life balance I’ve always wanted.

What do you find the most challenging part of your work?

I believe in the phrase “You never stop learning” especially in the technology industry where there is so much to learn. It’s challenging to keep learning new stuff!

If you’re given three wishes, what would they be?

I wish to have the lifespan of elves, to be rich beyond measure, and World Peace ☮️.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

To go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. 🐟🪸

What would you eat if you had to eat only one meal every day for the rest of your life?

Korean BBQ!

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Gravity PDF, whose job would you want?

Dan, our Marketing Manager. I’ve always wanted to be creative but I don’t have the creative juices or imagination to create unique art.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

Who has influenced you the most at Gravity PDF?

Both Jake (Founder) and Glenn (Project Manager). They’re both hardworking and seem to know a lot about programming. They never fail to answer any of my questions! I hope to be as knowledgeable and tenured as them someday.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Super speed. ⚡

What’s the best advice you can give to someone getting into software development?

Believe in yourself.

Which video game character would you most wish to swap lives with?

The Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What is on your wish list for the next 2-3 years with Gravity PDF?

I wish for the company to grow in the next 2-3 years (and me along with it). It (and me) has so much potential for growth!

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

Athens during its prime. 🏛

What’s the most unique part about working for Gravity PDF?

Once a week we can finish one hour earlier than normal for self-care. I usually use the time to wind down, have a cup of coffee, and relax without worrying about anything. This policy makes a huge difference to my mental/physical health and is what makes working at Gravity PDF unique. ✨

What song could you listen to everyday?

Ride Home” by Ben&Ben.

What's your favorite video game?

You guessed it, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

And finally, if you were given 10 million dollars, what's the first thing you'd do?

Book tickets to travel the world. ✈️🌎

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