Testers Needed for Gravity PDF 4.1 Beta1

Gravity PDF 4.1 makes managing PDF templates a whole lot easier with the new Advanced Template Manager! You can view, search, install and delete PDFs right from the UI. Other highlighted features include the new PDF Merge Tags and four column support in our core PDF templates.

This release also includes a number of changes to allow developers to greatly enhance custom PDF templates – from installation actions, new API endpoints and filters / actions. A handful of bugs are also fixed.

Warning: this is a beta release which means it may contain bugs that can cause issues on your website. Do NOT use in a production environment.

Download 4.1-Beta1

Install via uploading the zip file using the plugin installer, or using FTP.

Discover what’s new in Gravity PDF 4.1

Managing PDF Templates in WordPress

It’s 100% easier to work with PDF Templates thanks to our Advanced Template Manager. Based on the WordPress Theme Manager, you can easily search through your installed templates, see what a PDF might look like and view supported features – all without a page reload!

We’ve added the ability to install PDFs via a zip file and easily delete them, too. It’s now very simple to install and use custom PDF templates.

Gravity PDF Merge Tags

The gravitypdf shortcode is an excellent way to display a PDF download link on your website. But sometimes it’s more useful to display the raw PDF URL, and that’s where the new PDF merge tag {Title:pdf:ID} comes in.

The PDF Merge Tag will be automatically converted to a URL if the PDF is active and the PDF conditional logic has been met. The new merge tag is automatically included in Gravity Forms merge tag selector and can be used anywhere Gravity Forms allows other merge tags (provided the entry has been created).

Four Column Support added to Core PDF Templates!

This four-column CSS code has become increasingly popular for Gravity Forms users and so we have added full support for these classes in Gravity PDF (make sure to include the custom CSS with your theme).

To start using in your PDF, add the classes gf_first_quarter, gf_second_quarter, gf_third_quarter and gf_fourth_quarter to your Gravity Form fields and support PDF templates will automatically create a four column layout to match.


  • Feature: Advanced PDF Template Manager. Upload, View, Select and Delete PDF templates with ease (GH#486)
  • Feature: Add PDF Mergetags which output PDF URLs and compliment the [gravitypdf]

    shortcode which output HTML links (GH#404)

  • Feature: Add four-column CSS Ready Class support to core PDFs. Note: if you have run “Setup Custom Templates” you will need to re-run it to take advantage of this feature (GH#461)
  • Feature: Added support for the WP External Links plugin (GH#386)
  • Enhancement: Gravity PDF Review Notice now only shows up on Gravity Forms pages (#528)
  • Enhancement: Convert all strings to American format so they can be correctly translated using Glotpress (GH#525)
  • Enhancement: Added Australian, New Zealand and UK language packs (GH#525)
  • Dev Feature: Added ‘Author URI’ and ‘Tags’ headers to PDF template files which get displayed in the Advanced Template Manager (GH#558)
  • Dev Feature: Include $this as eighth parameter in ‘gfpdf_field_html_value’ filter (GH#549)
  • Dev Feature: Add ‘gfpdf_field_section_break_html’ filter to returned Section Field HTML for the PDF (GH#548)
  • Dev Feature: Add actions before and after the core template HTML is generated; ‘gfpdf_pre_html_fields’ and ‘gfpdf_post_html_fields’ respectively (GH#546)
  • Dev Feature: Template PHP Configuration files can impliment setUp and TearDown interfaces which fire when templates are installed or deleted through the Advanced Template Manager (GH#545)
  • Dev Feature: Added Font Create and Delete endpoints to API – GPDFAPI::add_pdf_font() and GPDFAPI::delete_pdf_font() (GH#541)
  • Dev Feature: Allow Rich Text Editor height to be controlled through the ‘size’ property when used in template config (GH#540)
  • Dev Feature: Allow images in radio buttons using the new `’class’ => ‘image-radio-buttons’` property when used in template config (GH#539)
  • Dev Changes: Use Gravity Forms copy of Chosen JS (GH#563)
  • Dev Changes: All production CSS and JS saved to /dest/ directory as part of Advanced Template Manager update
  • Dev Changes: Standardised all AJAX Authentication so Nonce and Capability checks are easily checked (GH#538)
  • Dev Changes: Rename all instances of “depreciated” with “deprecated” in our files and classes (GH#535)
  • Dev Changes: Contact our localised JS data to camelCase (GH#532)
  • Dev Changes: Utilised PHP5.4 array syntax in code (GH#521)
  • Bug: Reset Gravity Forms Merge Tag JS when PDF template changes (GH#551)
  • Bug: Fix incorrect variable reference to $include_list_styles which uses ‘gfpdf_include_list_styles’ to change the behaviour (GH#547)
  • Bug: Fix PHP notice in PDF when no products selected in form (GH#523)
  • Bug: Fix issue with Gravity PDF update screen showing and not showing at incorrect times (GH#514)
  • Bug: Fix false positive when checking if the PDF tmp directory is readable (GH#519)
  • Bug: Fix error when using GLOB_BRACE flag in glob() function (GH#562)
  • Bug: Remove OTF fonts from being uploaded due to poor support in Mpdf (GH#569)
  • Bug: Additional PHP7.1 fixes merged from upstream Mpdf package