What’s new in Cellulose 1.3

Cellulose 1.3 (Image)

Version 1.3 of Cellulose now supports a first-page Header, which is shown on page 1 of the PDF in the top-right hand corner. You can also display a Footer in the bottom-left corner of all pages.

Along with the new features, a PHP notice was fixed that was present in Gravity PDF v5 (we’re getting ready for the open beta right now).

The template documentation has been updated to include these new features.

If you’d like to purchase Cellulose you can do so from our online store.

If you’ve already purchased Cellulose you can download the latest version from your account page. Follow our premium template upgrade guide to install the updated template.

Special thanks to all the users who have given us feedback about how to improve Cellulose.