What’s new in Colossus 2.0

Colossus 2.0 (Image)

Version 2.0 of Colossus includes a number of new features and a breaking-change. The breaking change was due to a bug in the way Colossus handled fields hidden with conditional logic. This bug would include empty columns when a hidden conditional field was present, or even force subsequent fields onto a new row – even when there was space in the previous row. Because this update changes the way PDF columns are handled, we felt a major version bump was warranted.

Along with the bug fix, two new CSS Ready Classes have been added to give you more control over the rows and columns in your PDF. When using the row-break CSS class the field will always begin on a new row in the PDF. If you use the full-width class, the field will always begin in a new row and extend the full width of that row.

You can now optionally display the Section Break title and description, as well as HTML fields, in Colossus.

If you’d like to purchase Colossus you can do so from our online store.

If you’ve already purchased Colossus you can download version 2 from your account page. Follow our premium template upgrade guide to install the updated template. After upgrading, we strongly recommend reviewing the generated PDF. If you were relying on the previous layout behaviour, update your Gravity Form with the new CSS Ready Classes.

Special thanks to all the users who have given us feedback about how to improve Colossus.