Bulk Generator

The Bulk Generator add-on for Gravity PDF allows you to bulk export Gravity PDF documents for your Gravity Forms entries and download as a zip file. Select your entries, pick the PDFs, then adjust how PDFs are stored in the zip – by month, day, user, or even radio field value. Once configured, start the build, sit back and relax. You’ll have a completed zip file in no time!

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Choose your Entries

Using Gravity Forms native search and filters, you can pick and choose exactly which entries you’d like PDFs exported for. Only export PDFs for unread entries? Check. What about entries submitted in the last month? No problem. How about entries where the user successfully completed the payment process? Yes, yes, and yes!

Select PDFs

You have total control over which PDFs will be exported and saved in the zip file. Don’t need those 10 PDFs you’ve configured on the form? Just toggle off the ones you don’t want.

Keeping Organised…

You don’t usually want 100+ PDFs lumped into a single directory (but you can totally do that). With the power of merge tags you can easily group the PDFs into folders and sub-folders in the generated zip – perfectly organised the way you want!

Bulk Generate the Lot!

Designed to scale, this plugin has been stress tested with 10,000+ PDFs successfully generated, zipped and downloaded in a single export! It’s designed to work on your high performance VPS, right down to your basic shared web hosting provider.


The extension is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Dutch
$99.00 – $249.00
  • Current Version: v1.1.5
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