Cellulose is a universal PDF template that displays your form data in a slim two-column table-based layout. If you need a compact PDF that’s easy on the eyes, this template is for you. Large or small forms; it makes no difference for Cellulose.

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All Official Fields Supported

Cellulose supports all field types included in Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms add-ons. That means advanced fields like the signature, survey, poll and quiz all display perfectly.

Include your Logo

Added in version 1.1, you can now upload and include your logo in the PDF. It’ll be displayed in the top-left hand corner on the first page.

Include a Header / Footer

Added in version 1.3, you can now include a header in the top-right corner of page 1 (the header isn’t shown on other pages). You can also include a footer in the bottom-left corner of all pages.

Table Borders

Out of the box, Cellulose uses grey cell borders to separate your content. Not a fan of grey? You can easily change the border colour, or disable them entirely.

Page Numbering

By default, the page number is placed in the bottom right hand corner of the PDF. If that isn’t desirable, you can turn it off in the settings.

Field Control

You have the option to show and hide the Main Heading, Page Names, HTML fields, Section Break Descriptions and empty fields. You can also disable your form field’s conditional logic in the PDF and force page breaks.

Recommended Font

Cellulose comes packaged with the open source sans serif font, Arimo, which was designed by Colorado-based typeface designer, Steve Matteson. Arimo is a refreshing design that’s comparable to Arial, and looks great at smaller font sizes. For the best results with Cellulose we recommend using Arimo at 8pt.

The Extras

All our templates come with control over the PDF paper size, orientation, font, size and colour, PDF format, and security features such as password protection.

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