A sample of the Montgomery PDF certificate is displayed in A4 Portrait and Landscape design.

Montgomery’s clean lines and crisp contrasting colors that are accentuated with fine gold accent make for a very refined and traditional design. This mix of style gives Montgomery an air of prestige and makes this certificate suitable for use across a range of industries and occasions.

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Dynamically display the Recipient

Using Gravity Forms merge tags, you can add the awardee or recipient name to your certificates dynamically.

Customize to your Heart’s Content

Every bit of text is changeable. Need a Certificate of Merit not a Certificate of Recognition? Too easy. Want to use the form submission date in mm/dd/yyyy format? No problem. Are you required to print and sign each certificate by hand? We’ve got you covered.

Add your Branding

Make the certificate your own by adding your logo and/or include the name of your business or organization to every certificate.

Any Paper Size or Orientation

Thanks to its auto-scaling system1, Montgomery looks fantastic in both portrait or landscape orientation using all standard and non-standard paper sizes.

A Perfect Companion to Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on

Automatically generate and email personalized PDF certificates when people pass your interactive Gravity Forms-powered quizzes.

1. To give you greater control, the base font size is not automatically scaled to suit the paper size and this needs to be set manually when configuring your PDF certificates.

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