Gravity PDF Core Booster

The Core Booster add-on for Gravity PDF adds a variety of new settings to control the content and appearance of Core and Universal PDFs.


  • Filter Fields: Select and order the fields to display in PDFs
  • Field Choices: Show all field choices for Radio, Checkbox, Select, and Multiselect fields. Plus, choose whether to show the choice label or value
  • Page Margins: Adjust the page margins
  • Field Description: Include field descriptions in the PDF
  • Pricing Fields: Display the order table, show fields individually, or remove them altogether
  • Entry Notes: Include entry notes/metadata at the bottom of the PDF
  • Field Labels: Display the standard or admin label, or disable entirely
  • Additional CSS: Inject new CSS styles to change the look and feel of your PDF
  • Nested Forms: choose from one of three different layout options

Core PDF templates are the free PDF designs available with Gravity PDF Core. Universal PDF templates are the paid designs found in our online store.

Filter Fields

A screenshot of the Gravity PDF Core Booster Filter Fields and Field Selector settings. The Filter Fields toggle is on. In the Field Selector it shows the Email field being reordered in the "Included" list.

Tailor PDF documents for different use-cases and use Filter Fields to selectively include and reorder form fields for a PDF. This feature allows highly-personalized documents to be created for both internal and external use in your organization.

Field Choices

A screenshot of a PDF document with two fields highlighted. The first field is labeled "Product Purchased" and displays three available options, with one selected. These options are displayed side-by-side. The second field is labeled "Feature Likes" and displays five available options, with three selected. These options are displayed in a vertical list.

Need to see what choices weren’t selected? The Field Choices feature can display all available choices for Radio, Checkbox, Select, and Multiselect fields, and mark the options chosen. You have the choice of displaying the options as a list, or side-by-side, and can even display the choice values instead of the label.

Page Margins

A screenshot of the Gravity PDF Core Booster Page Margins setting with values 20mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm. An arrow points from the Page Margin setting to a PDF document that uses those margins.

Fine-tune the page margins of your PDF so it matches your organization’s style guide, adheres to your industry’s standards, and/or printing requirements.

Field Description

Need to give context to fields displayed in your PDF? You can easily display the form field description alongside the label and response.

Pricing Fields

A screenshot of a PDF document that is showing individual Gravity Forms Pricing fields under a "Services" section. The product label, option label, price, and quantity are shown.

Display the order table, exclude it entirely, or present those fields individually and filter/order the information where you need it.

Entry Notes

A screenshot of a PDF document with the associated Gravity Forms Entry Notes displayed at the end of the document.

Include all the extra information Gravity Forms stores about an entry in your PDF. It’s a useful feature when you create entry notes for customer requests, or internal discussions.

Field Labels

Control how labels are displayed in your PDFs: whether it’s the standard field label visible to users, the admin label visible in the backend, or no label at all.

Additional CSS

Love your PDF, but just wish the labels were displayed in all caps, or a tiny bit bigger? You can easily add your own CSS styles to tweak the look and feel of your documents.

Gravity Wiz Nested Forms

Gravity Wiz’s Nested Forms perk makes it simple to capture repeater data in Gravity Forms. Core Booster supports three layout options for this information, and you can even filter and order those fields, too.

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