The Core Booster add-on for Gravity PDF gives you more control over the functionality and appearance of Core PDF templates (the ones that ship free with Gravity PDF) and the paid Universal templates (available from the PDF Template shop). Features added by this plugin to Core and Universal PDF templates include:
  • Customise which Gravity Form Fields to include in the PDF
  • Toggle Entry Notes on or off
  • Show all available Radio, Checkbox, Select and Multiselect (RCSM) options and check ☒ the user’s selection(s)
  • Toggle the Label or Value for RCSM fields
  • Toggle the field description for all fields
  • Group products in a table at the end of the PDF or show each product field individually
  • Show the standard field Label, the Admin Label, the Admin Label with a fallback, or turn the Labels off.

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Customise Fields

Easily create multiple PDFs for a single Gravity Form and display specific fields in each document. Combine it with Notifications, Conditional Logic, or Gravity Flow and you’ve a powerful ability to customise your PDF for every user, staff, or department.

Display Notes

Make use of Gravity Forms Entry Notes? Toggle them on and they’ll be displayed at the end of your document.

Show All Available Options

Want to show all the available RCSM options in your PDF? Now you can toggle this feature for each RCSM field type and it’ll tick the user selected items. Better still, you can use Gravity Form’s CSS Ready List Classes to display the options in a two, three, four or five column format^.

Show Option Label or Value

Did you know Gravity Forms allows you to assign both a label and a value to the RCSM fields? Sometimes you want to display the label, other times the value. Now you can choose which one will show in the PDF.

Show Field Description

When building your form you can add a description to each field and it’ll be displayed to your users when they fill it in. Now you can include that description in your PDF too.

Product Fields

Don’t like the product fields grouped in a table at the end of your PDF? No problem. Now you can disable it so products aren’t taken out of their original order, or completely remove the Product table all together.

Field Labels

Gravity Forms has two types of field labels:
  1. The standard Label which the end user sees when filling out your form
  2. A special Admin Label that is only visible when you view the entry in your admin area
You’ll now be able to display either label type for all fields in your PDF. There’s also a third option that will automatically fall back to the standard Label if the Admin Label doesn’t have a value, or you can disable labels all together.
^ Only available if the field isn’t already included in a column.
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  • Current Version: v1.3.4
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