The Enhanced Download extension cover art. It includes an icon of a PDF document and an arrow pointing downward. The text 'Enhanced Download' is displayed.
The Enhanced Download add-on displays a smart loading indicator when users download Gravity PDF-generated documents. If you’ve got complex PDFs that take time to load, Enhanced Download helps prevent user confusion by providing instant feedback to people while they wait for their document.

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Helpful Anywhere

Enhanced Download can work wherever you allow Gravity PDF-documents to be downloaded on your WordPress website. That includes any Gravity Forms Confirmation type, GravityView, Entry Blocks, Posts, Pages, and even your admin area.

Redirect on Submission

The user experience Redirecting to a PDF on form submission is greatly improved with Enhanced Download. Not only is a loading indicator displayed when the form is submitted, the form is unlocked so users can quickly edit fields, resubmit, and download an updated PDF.

Tweak and Translate

Changing any text shown in the loading indicator is as simple as changing the global settings in your admin area. This makes it easy for you to modify the messaging to better suit your brand, or to translate the plugin into your native tongue.

Accessible by Design

Right from the beginning, the loading indicator was built with accessibility in mind. Best practice is used for the modal window, keyboard navigation, voice over technology, and color contrast.

Developer Friendly

Want to change the loading indicator color scheme or programmatically disable the feature? We’ve made it simple with well-documented CSS and JS snippets.

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