Formal Letter is used to generate a concise and succinct document in traditional letter format. Integrate details captured from your user, include your message, add your signature, and you’re away. This template takes all the hard work out of letter-writing in a modern era.

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Crafting Your Letter

The Formal Letter gives you ultimate control over the contents of the generated document. You can include and change the following:

  • Sender Address
  • Date Format
  • Recipient Name and Address
  • Greeting Salutation
  • Subject Matter
  • Body Copy (option to indent first line in each paragraph)
  • Closing Salutation
  • Signature, including name and business / position. You can add a signature image, a faux signature using a fancy font, or forgo the signature (for hand signing)

Formal Letter Uses

While email has dramatically shadowed the humble letter, there are still many reason you might need to write one today. These include:

  • Letter of Appreciation
  • Letter of Complaint
  • Purchase Order
  • Letter of Acknowledgement
  • Acceptance / Rejection Letter
  • Cover Letter
  • Welcome Letter
  • Sales Letter
  • Special Offers or Discounts

Perfect with Gravity Flow or GravityView

Gravity PDF integrations seamlessly with both Gravity Flow and GravityView. Gravity Flow allows very advanced workflows and you can integrate and email Formal Letter at any step of this process (think Acceptance or Rejection Letters). Using GravityView and their Advanced Filter extension you’ll be able to make a members area where users can easily download copies of their PDFs.

Recommended Font

Formal Letter comes packaged with the open source serif font, Merriweather, which was designed by Sorkin Type, a USA-based company. Merriweather is perfect for the traditional letter format and includes an extended set of glyphs (that means better language support). For the best results we recommend using Merriweather at 10pt.

The Extras

All our templates come with control over the PDF paper size, orientation, font, size and colour, PDF format, and security features such as password protection.

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