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The PDF for GravityView extension makes it easy to generate and email highly customizable PDFs of your GravityView Single Entry Layout. Build your view, configure the PDF, and add a PDF download or email field.

What is GravityView?
GravityView is a third-party add-on for Gravity Forms that makes it easy to display your Gravity Forms entries on the front end of your website. You can use it to create directories, databases, or task-management systems, with little or no code. GravityView is required to use PDF for GravityView.
Two examples of PDFs generated from the GravityView Single Entry List and Table Views.

PDF Your View

PDF for GravityView supports most view types and fields natively, so you can reliably and automatically generate a PDF of your Single Entry Layout. You have granular control over which fields get displayed in the PDF thanks to new field visibility settings. Plus, GravityView’s Multiple Forms extension is fully supported, which makes it easy to join and display matching entries from multiple forms in a single PDF.

A screenshot which shows the PDF Header and Footer settings in the GravityView Editor.

Customize and Control

Every business has unique requirements, which is why we’ve given you plenty of ways to add your own flavor to PDFs. The new PDF settings section in a View allows you to set paper size and orientation (A4 / Letter and Portrait / Landscape), add the company branding in the header and/or footer, and adjust the fonts and background to suit. It’s about as simple as it can get. 

A screenshot of the Single Entry PDF field settings from within the GravityView Editor.

View or Download

What use is a PDF if you cannot download it!? A new PDF Link field can be added to both Single Entry and Multiple Entries layouts, and there are plenty of ways to customize it. You can open the link in a new window, force the document to be downloaded, or adjust the visibility settings. Once added to your View, users will be able to download your Single Entry Layout PDF with ease. 👍

A screenshot showing the Share PDF field displayed on the front-end, within a Single Entry Table View.

Share a PDF

If you want to share the PDF with a friend (or just save a copy for yourself), the new Share a PDF field makes this a breeze. Add it to a Single Entry Layout, adjust the labels and display settings, and you’re done. Users will be able to enter an email address and get an email with the Single Entry Layout PDF attached.

Advanced Conditional Logic + Calculations

Really personalize your PDFs with advanced conditional logic provided by the Advanced Filter extension, or by using the [gvlogic] shortcode. If you have the GravityMath extension installed, the [gravitymath] shortcode allows for very complex mathematics / calculations that will be correctly processed and displayed, too.


These PDFs have all been created from the various View Types in GravityView:

Developer Friendly

For developers looking to further customize the PDFs, we provide a very similar templating system as Gravity PDF Core. Use one of our hooks to inject your own CSS, or override the templates entirely and go crazy with the design. And if coding ain’t your thing, our Bespoke custom development team have your back!

Wait, doesn't Gravity PDF already support GravityView?
It's true that Gravity PDF provides basic integration with GravityView. However, the PDF isn't “View” aware. Without PDF for GravityView, to replicate the layout and logic used in a view you would need to manually create a custom PDF template. With this extension this is automatic, and you configure everything in the View Editor.
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