The Previewer add-on for Gravity PDF allows generated PDFs to be previewed on-screen before a Gravity Forms submission occurs. It includes live reloading, so users can view the updated document(s) as they type, watermark / copy restrictions to prevent theft and is compatible across all modern browsers and devices.

When paired with a bespoke PDF, or your own custom template, this add-on is perfect when selling PDFs with Gravity Forms, showing an on-screen proof to the end user (proofing business cards, letters, stationary) or enhancing your digital signing process.

Live Reloading

The Previewer’s live reload functionality allows users to view the generated PDF on-screen as they type. It works across all modern JavaScript-enabled browsers, tablets and mobile devices.


You can optionally enable a watermark for each Previewer PDF you add via the Form Editor. You control the text and font type to be used when overlaying the watermark.

Anti Theft

When previewing a PDF, users won’t be able to directly copy the document text or easily save the PDF. If you’re selling Gravity PDF-generated documents these anti-theft features are a must. It’s also easy for administrators to turn this security off.

Download PDF

Optionally allow the user to download the Previewer-generated PDF before form submission. 

Appearance Controls

Enable light or dark mode, control the default zoom level, the scroll direction, page spread, and more! 

Gravity Flow, GravityView and WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Support

Previewer integrates seamlessly with Gravity Flow’s User Input Step (this works great for a multi-party signing process that allows users to see exactly what they’re signing), GravityView’s Edit Entry feature and the WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product add-on.

Multiple Viewers

You aren’t limited to a single Previewer field per Gravity Form. If you have multiple PDFs configured on your form you can add additional PDF viewers. The Previewer field supports Conditional Logic and can be shown in columns using Gravity Forms native drag and drop columns feature.


Change the values in the fields below then refresh the preview to see the plugin in action! You can also visit our dedicated demo site to try more combinations

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