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This is the documentation for version 4 of Gravity PDF. See version 3 docs here.

Snapshot of the CSS Ready PDF Classes

Gravity Forms display forms in a single column, but sometimes you want to condense everything and display the fields in two or three columns. This is why Gravity Forms introduced CSS Ready Classes back in version 1.5. They included a number of pre-set class names that allow you to easily style your form.

Until recently Gravity PDF suffered from the same issue – only a single column PDF was generated. But in version 4.0 we redesigned the system to better support this feature. If you add columns to your Gravity Form they will be reflected in the PDF as well.

Supported Classes #supported-classes

Gravity PDF supports the following CSS Ready Classes:

  • gf_left_half (two-column layout)
  • gf_right_half (two-column layout)
  • gf_left_third (three-column layout)
  • gf_middle_third (three-column layout)
  • gf_right_third (three-column layout)

When not already in a column the following List classes are also supported:

  • gf_list_2col
  • gf_list_3col
  • gf_list_4col
  • gf_list_5col

Bare in mind that Gravity PDF filters out empty fields by default which can cause issues with the column structure. If the PDF template supports it, you should enable the Show Empty Fields option to prevent display issues.

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