Automate your existing paper-based workflow.

Out of the box, Gravity PDF is amazing at creating PDFs with your Gravity Forms data. When it’s time to digitise and automate your existing documents you’ll want to go bespoke!

Tell us your requirements and our team of experienced developers will design, develop and install Gravity PDF-compatible template(s) tailored specifically for your business. Come join the thousands of other businesses already using Gravity PDF to streamline and automate their documents.

Big Benefits of Going Bespoke...

No Monthly Fees or Limits

Unlike similar services, we do not charge a monthly fee and there are no limits on the PDFs you can generate. We bill a one-off fee for developing your custom solution.

Auto-Fill Existing PDFs

We can import most existing PDF documents and have them auto-filled with Gravity Forms data. The end result is a PDF that looks exactly like the original, with the user information included.

Save Time on Data Entry

You’ll never have to fill out documents by hand again! Gravity PDF automates the entire process for you, allowing you and your staff more time to focus on your primary business activities.

Control your Data and Privacy

Gravity PDF generates PDFs on your web server, so there’s no chance of a third-party data breach. The plugin is also GDPR-compliant.

Reduce your Printing Costs

By replacing your physical documents with digital, you'll reduce your business' paper and toner usage, as well as maintenance costs. The more you move to digital, the more you'll save!

Experience and Support

Gravity PDF is a mature product (first released in 2012) and is backed by an experienced team. We're so confident in our product, all Bespoke customers receive a 365-day bug-free warranty for their PDFs!

Build complex PDFs with multilingual support, conditional logic, tabular data and custom fonts.

Existing PDF Documents

Need your document to be automatically completed and look exactly like an existing PDF? That's no problem.

Conditional Logic

We can generate multiple PDFs based off your user’s responses so you can give them a personalised and unique experience!

Paywall your PDF

Want to sell your PDF? It’s a walk in the park when used in conjunction with one of Gravity Forms' payment add-ons.

Multilingual Support

We support all languages, including complex symbol-based languages like Chinese and Japanese, as well as right to left (RTL) written languages.


Using Gravity Forms Signature Add-On you can collect and display digital signatures in your documents.

Password Protection

Password protect your documents with 128-bit encryption. You can also restrict what users are able to do with your PDF, including printing, modifying, annotating and copying.

WordPress Posts & Pages

We aren’t limited to Gravity Form data. Include posts and pages, or any other information WordPress stores.

Custom Fonts

Need that specific style to make your document pop? We can include custom fonts.


Let users upload their favourite images or includes images from your media library.

Headers and Footers

We have granular control over your document’s headers and footers. Want to disable them on your document’s cover page? We make it simple.

Page Size and Layout

Support for all standard page sizes – including A1 to A12, Letter and Legal documents. We can even create custom page sizes or include multiple page sizes.


Want to offer a free sample document to your users? Protect your interests by watermarking your PDFs.

Table of Contents and Index

We can automatically generate a table of contents and index pages in your document.


Harness the power of PDF annotations to provide further instructions to your users.

Barcodes and QR Codes

We can automatically generate barcodes or QR codes and display them in your PDF.

PDF/A1-b and PDF/X-1a Compliance

Generating PDFs for archival or printing purposes can be enabled with the flick of a switch.

Complex Tabular Data

Our software excels at generating table-based data, and will work to fit the table to your PDF page size correctly.


Gravity PDF is fully compatible with all official Gravity Forms add-ons, as well as popular third-party plugins like Gravity Flow and GravityView.

See Gravity PDF In Action

Select the tabs below to see demos showcasing Gravity PDF-generated documents. Try change the form values to experience the live PDF updates.

What does it cost?

Our pricing is split into two tiers that’s based on clients who want to import an existing PDF and those who don’t. Depending on your requirements, either option could be a viable solution. When requesting a quote we will assess your project and choose the most beneficial to your needs.

Tier 1: Standard

Use our standard tier if you don’t want to overlay form data onto an existing PDF document. This method allows your PDF to dynamically expand to fit the user’s responses, and you can take advantage of features like the table of contents, alternate page sizes, and dynamic columns. We can even include pages or posts from your WordPress site.

The quote is based on a PDF of low-medium complexity. Contact a consultant to get an accurate quote tailored to your project.

Enter the total number of pages you expect your document will be.

= $195.00AUD

Contact a Consultant

Tier 2: Import PDF

Select this tier if you need to automatically fill out existing PDFs, such as government forms or contracts, with ease. The key consideration with this method is the document needs to have enough space for the user’s response to be overlaid. In some circumstances the Gravity Form might need to be modified to restrict the character limit, or the PDF might need to be tweaked. Unlike our standard tier, our pricing is calculated using a sliding scale based on the number of elements you expect to overlay on the document. An element includes single line fields, text areas and individual checkbox or radio button values.

Contact a consultant to get an accurate quote tailored to your project.

1-15 elements$195AUD
16-100 elements$7.25AUD per elements
101+ elements$6.25AUD per elements

= $195.00AUD

Contact a Consultant

What people say about Bespoke

Common Questions

What is included in your service?

We’ll install the Gravity PDF software and ensure it’s compatible with your web server. We then take an export of your form and build your Bespoke PDF on our development server. Finally, we install the work on your website and test that it is functioning as per the agreed upon specifications.

What is not included in your service?

We don’t include Gravity Forms (you’ll need to purchase that yourself) or any of Gravity Form’s Add-Ons (including their payment gateways or signature software). And to keep our costs low we do NOT create your Gravity Form. You’ll need to ensure you create a form that captures ALL the information you need to include in your PDF document.

Are your services a one-time or recurring fee?

Our service is a one-off fee and there is no recurring payment – no mater how many PDFs you generate every month. Gravity Forms  does require a yearly fee to access support and software updates. Any Gravity PDF add-ons you might need also has a yearly fee.

Why should we use your software over other competitors?

Gravity PDF generates PDFs on your server and your data never leaves your server. There’s no “cloud” processing or monthly fees. It’s the perfect solution for users with strong privacy and security concerns.

How long does it take to complete and install the document(s)?

Generally, the initial work for small to medium projects are completed within 7 working days after receiving a deposit. You should then factor in the time for the review process and any changes and amendments that is required.

Do you offer rush services to complete projects faster?

We aim to understand the full details of a project and carefully plan around your requirements so you get excellent customer service and value for money. Rushing projects just doesn’t fit with this philosophy.

Do you offer money-back guarantees if we aren’t satisfied?

As each project is unique, and we are charging for our services we cannot offer money-back guarantees. However, we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring we deliver a quality product that meets all the requirements discussed during the quoting phase.

How do we pay for your services?

Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed on a price we will send you a link where you can pay your deposit. Payment can be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) or PayPal. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with a project sign-off link where the remaining balance can be paid.

When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due after we have installed the PDF template on your website and you are satisfied the product meets the requirements we discussed. If the project has been deemed completed by us and you have not communicated any faults to us, the payment is due within 15 days from the completion date.

Do your packages come with on going support?

Yes. We offer 12-months support from the completion date for bugs or software issues caused by Gravity Forms or Gravity PDF. We don’t include free ongoing modifications of your PDF document, or form, should you like to make amendments, but we’re more than happy to provide you a new quote.

Can we make updates to the Gravity Form once the PDF is installed?

You can reorder your fields, add new fields or rename existing fields and it won’t affect the PDF. However, deleting any existing fields, or change the label / values of radio, select or checkbox options could affect your PDF.

Can we make updates to the PDF once installed?

You will need a web developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP to make modifications to your PDF template. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us to amend your document, or outsource the work to another developer.

Is there any restrictions on auto-filling PDF documents?

Provided the PDF can be successfully viewed in Adobe Reader we’ll be able to auto-fill it. One important limitation is fillable PDF fields are automatically stripped out of the document, and the end result is a flattened, uneditable PDF document with Gravity Forms data included.

Do you offer Gravity Forms design services?

No. To keep our pricing low we do not create the Gravity Form for you. Before we begin work on your project you will need to ensure you create a form that captures ALL the information you need to include in your PDF document.

Can the software generate active PDF form fields?

No. We cannot generate PDFs with active form fields. However, you can edit your Gravity Forms Entry and regenerate the PDF with the new data.

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