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Plugin Requirements #requirements

Gravity PDF can be run on most shared web hosting providers and the easiest way to check if yours is compatible is to install the plugin. Gravity PDF has multiple checks in place when activating and will let you know if there are any issues than need addressing.

While Gravity PDF is a free plugin, it requires Gravity Forms to run. You’ll need to purchase a Gravity Forms license before you can use Gravity PDF – any license type will work.

Software Requirements

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6+ (PHP 7.1+ recommended)
  • MB String with Regex enabled (--enable-mbregex)
  • GD Library
  • DOM
  • allow_url_fopen (optional) – If you have image display problems make sure this option is enabled.
  • 128MB+ WP Memory (256MB+ recommended)

Note: Gravity PDF is a third party extension1 for Gravity Forms. Find out all the details about Gravity PDF’s compatibility with Gravity Forms.

Installation #install

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  1. Automatic Installation (recommended)
  2. Manual Installation
  3. FTP Installation

Automatic Installation #automatic

Search for the plugin directly from your WordPress admin area and install it with a single click.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin area and navigate to the Plugins -> Add New page.

  2. Use the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the plugins page to search for Gravity PDF.
    Plugin Installation Screen

  3. Click the Install Now button on the Gravity PDF plugin to confirm the installation.

  4. Once the installation has completed select the Activate link.

Manual Installation #manual

You can manually install the plugin by downloading the plugin zip file from and then uploading through your WordPress admin area. The plugin zip file is 4.6MB and most web hosts maximum upload limit should be higher than this (you can check your maximum upload limit by navigating to Media -> Add New in your WordPress admin area and reviewing the ​Maximum upload file size​ limit).

  1. Go to the plugin’s WordPress repository and select the Download Version 5.x.x button.

  2. In your WordPress admin area, navigate to the Plugins -> Add New page then select the Upload Plugin button (located to the right of the Add Plugins title)

  3. Click the Browse button and select the zip file downloaded in step one. Manual Plugin Installation

  4. Click the Install Now button and wait. Depending on your internet speed, it could take some time to upload.

  5. Once installed, select the Activate Plugin link.

FTP Installation #ftp

Upload the Gravity PDF plugin files to the WordPress plugins directory using your favourite FTP client.

  1. Go to the plugin’s WordPress repository and select the Download Version 5.x.x button.

  2. Once downloaded, unzip the plugin folder. A folder called gravity-forms-pdf-extended will be extracted and this is what you should upload to your FTP server.

  3. Open your favourite FTP client (we recommend Filezilla) and enter your hostname, username and password. If you are unsure where to get these details you should contact your web hosting provider for assistance.

  4. Once logged in, navigate to your WordPress plugin directory (usually /wp-content/plugins/) and upload the gravity-forms-pdf-extended folder. If a directory called gravity-forms-pdf-extended already exists, delete it before uploading. Upload plugin via FTP

  5. Next, activate the plugin via your WordPress admin plugins page Plugins -> Installed Plugins

  1. Gravity PDF is not an official Gravity Forms add-on – we’re an independent company who love how powerful Gravity Forms is. We have no control over their pricing model and we do not provide support for their software – you’ll want to use their official support channels for that. 

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