From all of us here at Gravity PDF we’d just like to say thank you for wanting to give back to the plugin. Over the years we’ve spent countless hours building, maintaining and supporting this open source software (which we freely release on, and it puts a big smile on all our faces when you want to donate.

While a monetary donation can be a helpful thing, we feel that your contribution will be much longer-lasting if directed at assisting with the growth of Gravity PDF. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of ways you can help with this goal:

5 Minutes

These contributions can be done in 5 minutes flat:

1-2 Hours

Want to give a little more? These may take a couple of hours:

1 Day +

Do you rely on Gravity PDF every day and absolutely love it? Help out with these more time-consuming, but extreamly valuable, tasks.

  • Submit a Pull Request on GitHub for any open issues
  • Write a full-blown review of the software with Pros and Cons, comparison to competitors, screenshots, video ect
  • Talk about Gravity PDF as a Speaker at WordCamp (or any other WordPress event for that matter)
  • Do a screencast showing others how to use the software and discuss the benefits

These are just a few ways to give back (but let us know if you think of any more). And if you do write an article about Gravity PDF, tell someone about the software, or use it in weird and wonderful ways don’t forget to let us know!