2015: A New Era for Gravity PDF

We’ve hit the ground running in 2015 and made a sleuth of changes to our business, documentation, support and plugin which will greatly benefit our users and the long-term viability of our software. Below we’ve outlined the major changes you should be aware.


We spend a large portion of 2014 planning and designing the new website. During the planning stage we made the decision to rebrand the plugin – changing the name from Gravity Forms PDF Extended to the more subtle Gravity PDF.

Gravity PDF 3.6 Released

On the surface not much has changed in this release but we’ve drastically overhauled the way the plugin stores and manages its configuration and template files. We have also added support for Gravity Forms 1.9, included additional product information in the $form_data array, and ensured the default template respects conditional logic applied to HTML fields. A large number of bugs were also squashed. See the changelog for a full list of modifications.

All users should be aware the minimum WordPress and Gravity Forms versions have been increased to WordPress 3.9 and Gravity Forms 1.8. If you are not running these versions DO NOT upgrade.

Developer Documentation

We’ve rewritten a large portion of the developer documentation to make it clearer for our users to get up and running with our plugin. Special attention was paid to the section on creating custom PDF templates and these were enhanced with two new video tutorials. The five-part installation and configuration video series were also updated.

Demos Showcase

“Do you have a demo?” is one of the questions we get asked regularly and the new website puts the power of Gravity PDF front and centre. We have five very unique PDFs showcasing how our software can be applied to various markets. These including a government document, invoice, letter, wedding invitation and a number of charts.

Welcome to 2015!