Gravity PDF 5.1 Has Landed!

This release adds support for the Repeater (beta) and Consent fields included with Gravity Forms 2.4, as well as Gravity Wiz’s Nested Forms Perk. We’ve also added a new option to authenticate logged-out user which is GDPR friendly. To round it off, bugs have been fixed and developers get new filters.

A look at how Repeater fields (and Gravity Wiz Nested Forms) will be displayed in Gravity PDF 5.1

The Consent field has been added to Gravity Forms in response to the European GDPR Legislation. This is how it’ll be displayed in Gravity PDF 5.1.

Alternate PDF Authentication

Signed PDF URLs is a new authentication protocol that can be used with the [gravitypdf] shortcode, and is an alternative to the IP-based method the plugin uses by default. The benefits of Signed PDF URLs includes:

  1. A user can be authenticated even if you disable IP addresses using Gravity Forms 2.4+ GDPR features.
  2. You can adjust the URL timeout period on a per-shortcode basis.
  3. Long timeout periods are supported (days, weeks and months)
  4. Anyone with the link for the signed PDF URL can view the document. This is useful when used with Gravity Forms Notifications.
  5. When the timeout period expires Gravity PDF falls back to the standard security protocols.


To enable this feature, add the signed attribute to the [gravitypdf] shortcode.

Example: [gravitypdf id="560f2ef799945" signed="1"]

If you want to adjust the timeout period, also include the expires attribute:

Example: [gravitypdf id="560f2ef799945" signed="1" expires="7 days"]


The [gravitypdf] shortcode now supports a raw attribute which will return the PDF URL as-is and not wrap it up in a HTML anchor tag. While we do have merge tags available that display the raw PDF URL they currently don’t support Signed PDF URLs and so this option was added to give you more control.

Debug Mode

Debug Mode is a new global PDF setting which replaces the functionality of both the Shortcode Debug Message setting and WP_DEBUG. When enabled, the template header caching is turned off and flushed (useful for developers building custom templates), shortcode errors will be displayed on-screen and generation statistics will be included in PDFs.

New Filters

The following new filters have been added to Gravity PDF:

  • gfpdf_disable_global_addon_data – Allow you to disable aggregate Survey / Poll / Quiz data in $form_data for performance gains.
  • gfpdf_disable_product_table – Allow you to disable the Product table in Core / Universal PDFs
  • gfpdf_show_field_value – Used to display the field value for Checkbox, Multiselect, Radio, Select, and Product fields. Added new paramters for context.
  • gfpdf_field_product_value – Allow you to filter the Product table HTML mark-up.


The following bugs have been fixed in this release:

  • Enable PDF Image Watermark feature
  • Prevent HTML fields passing through wpautop()
  • Test for writability in the mPDF tmp directory and fallback to the Gravity PDF tmp directory if failed.
  • Fix scheduled licensing status checks
  • Display error message if license deactivation fails
  • Correctly display the values for multiple Option fields assigned to a single Product when Product Table is ungrouped (requires Gravity Forms 2.4+).
  • Disable IP-based authentication when the entry IP matches the server IP