Gravity PDF 6.9 Adds New PDF Conditional Logic Options

This week we released Gravity PDF 6.9, which introduces a range of new PDF conditional logic options, the extension license key activation process was revised, and there are a bunch of bug fixes to improve the plugin’s reliability. 

The conditional logic feature allows PDFs to be enabled/disabled for entries if those conditions aren’t met. In this update, you can now set conditions for the following entry details:

  • Entry ID
  • Entry Status
  • Entry Date
  • Starred
  • IP Address
  • Source URL
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Unique ID (a Gravity Wiz field)
  • Additional entry meta data, like Quiz results or GravityView Approval status

You can use this new functionality to enable PDFs for entries that are marked as “Paid”, or have passed a quiz. Big props goes to the Gravity Wiz team for spearheading the initial work on the conditional logic feature, and open sourcing the code so we could easily implement it. 

Speaking of Gravity Wiz, we also added support for the Show HTML Fields, Show Empty Fields, Show Section Break Description, and Enable Conditional Logic PDF settings when displaying Nested Form fields in Core/Universal PDFs. This means nested form fields have feature-parity with the parent form fields when rendered in PDFs.

Gravity PDF has always excluded staging and development sites from the site count when activating licenses. But detecting if a site is used for testing was outdated. In 6.9, we’ve greatly improved the detection process, and our Extension customers should enjoy trouble-free license activation while testing their sites. We’ve also improved the language used if there are activation issues – such as expired or revoked keys – and included a path to help users resolve those problems.

Along with the above features, we fixed a number of compatibility issues with other third-party Gravity Forms plugins, and improved the security. Make sure you update your websites to avoid any potential issues.

How to Update Gravity PDF

This update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates, or the plugin can be downloaded from and installed manually via File Upload or FTP.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.


New Features

  • Add new conditional logic options to PDFs eg. Payment Status, Date Created, Starred (props: Gravity Wiz)
  • Add support for Show HTML Fields, Show Empty Fields, Show Section Break Description, and Enable Conditional Logic PDF settings when displaying Gravity Wiz Nested Forms field


  • Exclude popular WordPress staging environments from site count when activating Gravity PDF licenses
  • Improve Gravity PDF license activation success and error messages

Security Update

  • Improve security of network requests to Gravity PDF licensing server

Developer Updates

  • Add set_pdf_config( $config ) and get_pdf_config() methods to PDF Field classes
  • In the PDF field blacklist, check using the original type and not with $field->get_input_type()

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix Form Editor saving problem for Gravity Forms v2.6.*
  • Fix Drag and Drop Column layout issue when the GF Styles Pro plugin is enabled
  • Fix issue sending PDF URLs with Gravity Wiz Google Sheets
  • Improve display of Rich Text Text area fields by removing top margin on individual paragraphs
  • Resolve compatibility issue that corrupted PDFs when using Weglot
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