Invoice Creation Date Modification Now Possible in 2.1 Update

We’ve published version 2.1 across the full range of invoice PDF templates, which adds support for modifying the invoice date via the settings. This allows site owners to switch from the entry creation date to another value – a useful feature for Gravity Flow users who want to send an invoice late in their workflow.

The new setting defaults to the {date_created:format:Y-m-d} merge tag, and is reformatted to match the Date Format setting when an invoice is generated. You may enter any valid date PHP understands (including relative dates). 

Browser screenshot of the "Invoice Creation Date" setting in the PDF settings with an arrow pointing to a sample Invoice PDF output.

Along with the new feature, we no longer add the tax rate to the invoice if it is detected in the associated label. This prevents a duplicate tax rate from being displayed

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Upgrading your Template

For existing customers, you can download these updates from your account page. Once downloaded, follow our premium template upgrade guide to install on your website(s).

Thanks to all the users who have provided feedback on how to improve our Invoice templates. It is your continued support that makes Gravity PDF grow bigger and better.

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