Testers Needed for Gravity PDF 4.4

Testers Needed for Gravity PDF 4.4 (Image)

Our team has been working on the next-gen Gravity PDF 5.0 for the last 6 months, but have had to put further development on hold until Gravity Forms 2.3 is released. In the mean time, we have back-ported a number of features and bug fixes for Gravity PDF 4.4 and we need your help testing the software before an official release.

Gravity Forms Chained Select
We’ve added full support for the Gravity Forms Chained Select plugin, and the field will now display correctly in Core and Universal templates. Developers will also have access to the data via the $form_data array.

Gravity Forms add-on Conditional Logic
The PDF conditional logic will now include additional Gravity Forms add-on logic, such as the Quiz Pass/Fail condition.

Pagebreak CSS Class on the Pagebreak field
When the “Show Page Names” PDF setting is enabled, the pagebreak CSS class can be used in conjunction with the Pagebreak field (except the very first one).

PDF Settings Rich Text Editor
Content will now expand the full-length of the Rich Text Editor. This should make adding Header/Footers easier for you.

Bug Fixes
There’s a large number of bug fixes included in this release. Some of the most noticeable include fixing the PDF Template¬† Manager Select button position, preventing multiple ‘spinners’ showing up after installing a new template, display the correct subtotal value for the Gravity Perks E-Commerce add-on and stopping a Rich Text Editor loading issue when selecting different templates.

Warning: this is a release candidate which means it may contain bugs that can cause issues on your website. Do NOT use in a production environment.

Download Gravity PDF 4.4

To test, we recommend using the WP Rollback plugin to roll Gravity PDF forward to version 4.4. Otherwise, install via uploading the zip file using the plugin installer, or using FTP.


  • Feature: Add native support for Gravity Forms Chained Select
  • Feature: Include Gravity Forms add-on conditional logic in PDF Conditional Logic selector
  • Feature: When the “Show Page Names” PDF setting is enabled, the `pagebreak` CSS class can now be used on Named Pagebreak fields (except the very first one)
  • Feature: PDF Rich Text fields now utilise the full width of the editor
  • Dev Feature: Add $form_data API endpoint
  • Dev Feature: Add the $form and $this variables to the `gfpdf_field_value` filter
  • Dev Feature: Add `gfpdf_form_data_key_order` filter to allow the re-ordering of the $form_data array
  • Dev Feature: Add filter `gfpdf_container_disable_faux_columns` to allow faux columns to be toggled off (useful when using a lot of conditional logic with CSS Ready Classes)
  • Housekeeping: Update Monolog to latest version
  • Housekeeping: Instead of generic error, display `You do not have permission to view this PDF` when user failed PDF security checks
  • Housekeeping: Tweak the Help page to provide more relevant information.
  • Housekeeping: Reduce the Gravity PDF log file bloat, and add more specific log messages.
  • Housekeeping: Recursively clean-up the PDF temporary directory
  • Housekeeping: Limit the registration of PDF settings on Gravity PDF pages, and the admin options.php page
  • Bug: Prevent multiple calls running when a new template is installed/deleted and then selected
  • Bug: Pre-process any mergetags for the Checkbox, HTML, Post Content, Radio, Section, Textarea and Terms of Service Gravity Form fields
  • Bug: Fix individual quantity field $form_data
  • Bug: Ensure individual product fields (Product, Discount, Shipping, Subtotal, Tax and Total) display an empty value in the $form_data array, when necissary
  • Bug: Fix PDF Template Manager display issues for WordPress 4.8+
  • Bug: Adjust Logged out timeout default to 20 minutes to match documentation
  • Bug: Fix PHP notice when pre-procesing the template settings
  • Bug: Fix Survey $form_data[‘survey’][‘score’] key
  • Bug: Fix the Gravity Perks E-Commerce Subtotal value in the $form_data array
  • Bug: Prevent TinyMCE error when selecting a new template and other plugins define a custom TinyMCE plugin
  • Bug: Adjust PDF Template Upload limit from 5MB to 10MB
  • Bug: Fix Product field background color issue
  • Bug: Right-align prices in the product table
  • Bug: Fix PHP fatal error when PDF cannot be correctly saved to disk