Iconic is a minimalist invoice perfect for modern-day businesses. Upload your business logo, include your company details, use merge tags to include the recipient info and away you go. Basic tax options are supported so your invoices can meet your country’s legislative requirements (VAT, GST ect). You can also change all the labels used in the invoice, translate them into your native language and use conditional logic to offer a truly multilingual invoicing system.

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Invoice Order Table

The invoice is automatically populated with Gravity Forms product fields. Provided your form makes use of Products, your invoice will populate correctly!

Tax System

One of the most important part of invoicing is ensuring you meet your legal obligations when it comes to tax. Unfortunately, Gravity Forms doesn’t have any sort of tax feature built in, so we’ve added basic tax support right into the invoice. When enabled, tax will be automatically calculated and included in the PDF at the rate you’ve specified. Because it’s only basic tax, there are some limitations:

  • All the Gravity Forms Products must include the tax in the price
  • All products will use the same tax rate
  • All products will be classified as taxable.


You have full control over all labels used in your invoice. If you aren’t happy with one of the defaults you can easily change them. This is perfect when English isn’t your primary language as it allows you to translate the text.

Conditional Logic

Do you offer multiple payment options? With conditional logic you can send different invoices based on the payment gateway used. This works a treat when you offer Direct Deposit and want to include payment instructions. Conditional logic also enhances our Tax System as you can generate invoices at different tax rates based on a user’s country. Or translate your invoice into multiple languages!

Logo Position

If your company has strict rules regarding the position of the logo on a document, you’ll be happy to know you have the option to position your logo on the left or right hand side of the invoice.

Invoice Number

By default, the Gravity Forms entry ID is used in conjunction with a prefix and suffix that you can change to display the invoice number. You can also easily replace the entry ID with another form field where you’ve dynamically calculated the ID. If the invoice number must be sequential we recommend Gravity Perks which includes an advanced unique ID add-on.

Invoice Due Date

If you aren’t capturing payments instantly via PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net adding the Due Date to the invoice is a must. You have the option to show a Due Date X days from the entry submission date.

Perfect with Gravity Flow or GravityView

Gravity PDF integrations seamlessly with both Gravity Flow and GravityView. Gravity Flow allows very advanced workflows and you can integrate and email Invoice Iconic at any step of this process. Using GravityView and their Advanced Filter extension you’ll be able to make a members area where users can easily download copies of their invoices.

Recommended Font

Invoice Iconic comes packaged with the open source sans-serif font, Roboto Condensed, which was designed by Christian Robertson, an interface designer for Google. Roboto Condensed is a geometric typeface with condensed lettering. For the best results we recommend using Roboto Condensed at 10pt.

The Extras

All our templates come with control over the PDF paper size, orientation, font, size and colour, PDF format, and security features such as password protection.

  • Current Version: v1.0.3
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  • Requires Gravity PDF 4.1+
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  • Tax Support (VAT, GST ect)
  • Multilingual Compatible
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