Core Booster 2.0 Brings Page Margins, Field Choices Layout, and Better Gravity Wiz Support

Ever wished you had more control on how your Gravity Forms PDF documents look and feel? In this major 2.0 update, we’ve added a bunch of useful features to Core (free) and Universal (paid) Gravity PDF templates to help you do just that ✨ Let’s jump in and take a look…

Style Meets Precision

Screenshot showing the adjusted Page Margins setting and its effect on the PDF output.

Need your documents to align perfectly with your brand’s guidelines? With the new Page Margin setting, you can adjust the margins on all sides of your PDFs. Whether you’re aiming to meet industry standards or need to match your style guide, this setting gives you precise control.

Your Form, Your Rules

A PDF with two highlighted form fields - one with hidden choices, the other showing all choices.

The Show Field Options enables you to display all choices for Radio, Checkbox, Select, and Multiselect fields. But what if you want to hide certain choices for specific form fields? You can now override this behavior with a simple CSS class added to a field in the Form Editor. Tailor your forms to show only admin-relevant choices, or simplify survey reports by displaying user choices that matter.

Seamless Selections

A PDF containing one field with choices displayed in a line, and two fields with choices displayed in blocks.

We’ve introduced a new Field Choices Layout feature, giving you more flexibility to display choices in two convenient layouts: a neat list (Block) or side by side (Inline). This is great for presenting options for products, services, or survey questions in a clear and organized manner. The new format options will help you better structure your PDFs, and improve readability.

PDF Wizards

Great news for Gravity Wiz users! Core Booster has improved support with the Populate Anything Perk when showing all field choices! This Perk enables dynamic population from various data types like posts, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and more. Combine this with Live Merge Tags, and you’ve got a potent tool that auto-updates field content.

A radio field with Live Merge Tags added to the choices, with an arrow pointing towards the PDF result.
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Ready to explore the new features?

If you already own the Core Booster, you can download version 2.0 from your account page, or if you have an active license on your website you can update from your WordPress admin area.


New Features

  • Add new Page Margin setting to control the top/right/bottom/left margins used for each page in a PDF
  • Add new Field Choices Layout setting to display all choices in a list or side-by-side
  • Add gf_list_inline and gf_list_block CSS classes to allow individual fields to override new Field Choices Layout setting
  • Add Gravity Wiz Populate Anything Live Merge Tag support to the Show All Field Choices output
  • Add show_all_options and hide_all_options CSS classes to allow individual fields to override the Show Field Options settings
  • Improve activation error messages when Gravity PDF isn’t installed or the correct version
  • Allow developers to opt into Core Booster settings for their custom templates by adding core-booster-supported to the template Tags header
  • Add AI translations for Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian


  • Gravity PDF 6.0 or higher is now required for this extension
  • Improve the language used for labels, descriptions, and tooltips in the PDF settings
  • Remove code required to support Gravity PDF v5 and below
  • Resolve jQuery deprecation warning

Security Update

  • Late-escape HTML mark-up for PDFs

Fixed Bug

  • Correctly enable/disable HTML and Product fields in the Field Selector