Enhance Gravity Forms PDF Invoices with Gravity Perks

Invoices 2.0 provides a heap of functionality out of the box, like enhanced tax-inclusive pricing and discounts, plus two all-new designs. It’s a big improvement over the original invoices. But like T-Shirts, software is never “one size fits all”. Which is why we do our best to give customers as many options as possible. One of those options is Gravity Perks: a suite of 47+ powerful add-ons that help you turbocharge your forms. As it turns out, you can electrify your PDF Invoices with Gravity Perks, too. Here’s a handful of great ways to enhance your PDF Invoices with perks.

Invoice-ium Leviosa!🪄

eCommerce Fields Perk

Invoices 2.0 has advanced tax-inclusive pricing features. But what if you need to do tax-exclusive pricing, like is common in the USA? It isn’t natively supported in Invoices 2.0 because it requires calculating and charging tax during form submission. The good news? There’s a perk for that. The eCommerce Fields perk includes new form fields for taxes, discounts, and subtotals

The Tax field is very versatile, allowing you to select the specific product(s) a tax should apply to (or be excluded from). Plus, you can add multiple tax rates by including more Tax fields. The Discount field gets a similar treatment, and allows complex logic to be used in determining whether a discount should be included. Both fields are fully supported in Invoices 2.0 right out of the box.

Unique ID Perk

By default, PDF Invoices make use of Gravity Forms unique and incremental entry ID number for the invoice number. The gotcha with the entry ID is it increments for each and every submission across all forms on your site. If you have a legal obligation to ensure your invoice numbers are sequential, that just ain’t going to fly. That’s where the Unique ID perk comes into play. It does allow sequential numbering on a per-form basis, and with a simple filter you can do so for successful payments only.

Inventory Perk

Are you using Gravity Forms to sell tickets or accept bookings? Great! But let’s be honest, manually tracking your inventory in Gravity Forms can be a hassle, and could lead to overbooking. Thanks to the Inventory perk you can equip your product fields with simple or advanced inventory management. Easy peasy!

Conditional Pricing Perk

Does your business have complex, and ever-changing pricing rules to determine what a customer should pay for your product or service? You’ll want to check out the Conditional Pricing perk then. It makes complicated pricing rules a breeze, and the Pricing Importer tool will save a heap of time when it comes to managing those rules.

Advanced Calculations Perk

Need to build a mortgage or car loan calculator with Gravity Forms? The Advanced Calculations perk makes this possible (provided you know the correct algorithm to apply). A nifty feature of this perk is its Product field integration, so you can bill customers based on these advanced calculations.

Price Range Perk

Want to give your users the freedom to set their own prices, but keep the amount entered within reason? The Price Range perk could be for you. It allows you to define a minimum and maximum price that a user can enter for the product, and is great for a pay-what-you-want pricing, or donations.

As you can see, Gravity Perks offers fantastic products that can enhance both Gravity Forms and Gravity PDF Invoices. Like us, the Gravity Wiz team are Certified Gravity Forms Developers, and have a fantastic track record building and supporting high-quality software. Thanks for reading!

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