Universal Gravity PDF Templates Are More Reliable Than Ever

We’ve just released a major 3.0 update for all Universal Templates, with Tritan getting a 3.1 release. These updates are designed to modernize the code base, fix display issues, and, importantly, add support for the imminent Core Booster 2.1 release.

The Core Booster update will include new features like Field Reordering (independent of the order in the Form Editor), new display formats for Gravity Wiz Nested Forms, and a simple way to add custom CSS styles to tweak the PDF design. Make sure to upgrade your Universal templates to the latest version so you can take advantage of all Core Booster 2.1 has to offer when it is released.

Even if you aren’t using Gravity PDF Core Booster, these updates do fix a number of display issues when using specific fields/templates, and increase the overall security in templates.

Upgrading your Templates

For existing customers, you can download these updates from your account page. Once downloaded, follow our premium template upgrade guide to install on your website(s).

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You can view the changelog for each Universal Template on their respective changelog page:

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