Gravity PDF 3.7.0 Officially Released

Today we’ve officially released the 3.7 update of Gravity PDF. You will be prompted to automatically upgrade over the next 24 hours, or you may download directly from our WordPress Repo.

There were only small tweaks to the software during the beta period however we did include filters to change the PDF configuration folder location entirely.

Change PDF Config Locale

If you want to place the PDF_EXTENDED_TEMPLATES directory in an alternate location you can use the gfpdfe_template_location and gfpdfe_template_location_uri filters to do so. To ensure the software continues functioning you must implement both filters correctly. The example below (which you would put in your active theme’s functions.php file) shows you how to configure the software to look for the folder in the WordPress root directory, however you can store it anywhere.

[codeblocks name=code_1]


The changes between the beta and production releases only included:

  • Feature – Added hooks ‘gfpdfe_template_location‘ and ‘gfpdfe_template_location_uri‘ to change PDF template location
  • Housekeeping – Updated configuration.php examples to include new default config option and refined the copy

For the 3.7 beta changelog see our beta announcement article which goes into greater details about what’s changed in this release.