Gravity PDF 6.0.0-RC2 Release

Gravity PDF 6.0.0-RC2 (Image)

In anticipation for the upcoming release of Gravity Forms 2.5 on Tuesday April 27 (USA EST), today we’ve published Gravity PDF 6.0-RC2. 

Gravity PDF 6.0 will be released on the same day as Gravity Forms 2.5. If you haven’t already, we strongly encourage you to start testing Gravity Forms 2.5-RC3 and Gravity PDF 6.0-RC2 on a staging site to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Testing everything works as expected will give you the confidence to update both pieces of software on day dot.

This release candidate includes new features, bugs fixes, and a few housekeeping and developer changes.

How to test Gravity PDF 6.0 Release Candidate 2

Firstly, don’t install these plugins on a production site. It should only be done in a staging or local development environment. You’ve two ways to start testing:

  1. Install 2.5-RC3 and 6.0-RC2 on a Staging / Local Development Site – You can download Gravity Forms 2.5-RC3 by logging into your Gravity Forms account and going to the Downloads area of your account dashboard. You can download Gravity PDF 6.0RC2 using this direct link.
  2. Sign Up for Your Free 2.5 Demo Site – The Gravity Forms team have created a 2.5 demo experience you can freely sign up for that allows you to easily spin up a new site using 2.5RC-3. You can then download and install Gravity PDF 6.0-RC2 and start playing around.

If you run into any problems or have some feedback about 6.0-RC2, please submit a support ticket on It’s your direct feedback that makes Gravity PDF grow bigger and better.

Full Changelog

New Features

  • Adjust when the downgrade prompt is shown so that users can only downgrade if they meet the v5 requirements.
  • Add PDF column support for Gravity Perks Nested Forms
  • Re-add Help tab with new Algolia-based search

Bugs Fixed

  • Adjust custom paper size sanitize logic to fix PHP error
  • Check for invalid relative date when using Signed PDF URLs and fallback to default timeout
  • Fix border display issue in Core Product table
  • Fix Template Manager error message styles
  • Show error message in Template Manager when maximum file size limit is reached
  • Fix missing loading icon in Template Manager
  • Enable Show Form Title and Enable Conditional Logic template settings by default
  • Fix up Custom Paper Size field widths
  • Provide more uniform column support in PDFs


  • Change the PDF Merge tag modifier signature so they can be used in any order
  • Change the order of the PDF List Columns
  • Remove the Always Save PDF setting from the UI.

Developer Changes

  • Add better error log messages for PDF Merge tag processing
  • Pass additional information to the `gfpdf_field_container_class` filter
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