Invoice PDF v1.2 Now Available

Version v1.2 of Invoice Classic and Invoice Modern is now available via the PDF Template Shop. This new release sees the addition of two new settings:

  • Due Date – You can now set the due date in the PDF a specific number of days from the entry submission date.
  • Due Date Label – Change the label shown next to the Due Date.

The new settings will benefit any users who aren’t capturing a payment when the Gravity Form is submitted (for example, taking payment via direct deposit or cheque).

The Due Date is disabled in the invoice by default and will only show up if you specify the number of days in the Due Date field.

New ‘Due Date’ setting available (highlighted in pink) to all Invoice templates

Invoice Modern with the new ‘Due Date’ option (highlighted in pink) included in PDF

If you’ve already purchased an invoice from our shop, and you have an active license, you can download v1.2 from the Accounts page. Then simply follow our upgrade guide to start using the new feature.