Previewer v3.1.2 to 3.1.4 Resolve Conditional Logic Display Problems

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We have made several updates to the Previewer extension recently. Version 3.1.2 addressed a PHP notice that could be triggered with a Single File Upload field. Version 3.1.3 resolves a problem with data merging when using Previewer on the GravityView Edit Entry page. Lastly, version 3.1.4 fixes a display issue with fields that use conditional logic when Previewer is used with GravityView or Gravity Flow. We highly recommend that you update your plugin regularly to avoid any potential problems.

How to Update the Previewer Add-on

If you’ve an active license key for Previewer, this update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates. Alternatively, you can also download the plugin from your account and install it manually from your WordPress admin area, via File Upload or FTP. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.

We want to thank all the users for reporting these issues. It’s your direct feedback that makes Gravity PDF grow bigger and better.

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Bugs Fixed


  • Fix PHP notice when Single File Upload field doesn’t have an uploaded file


  • Fix data merging regression introduced in 3.1.1 when using Previewer on GravityView Edit Entry page


  • Resolve conditional logic display issue when using the Previewer with GravityView
  • Resolve conditional logic display issue when using the Previewer with Gravity Flow
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