Gravity 5.3 Release

Gravity PDF 5.3 Artwork

We’re pleased to announce the release of Gravity PDF 5.3 which includes support for two popular third party Gravity Forms plugins, and adds a new configuration check to the system status area. Plus you get all the usual bug squashing our team does regularly 🐛. It’s all part of our commitment to provide you with quality software that just works.

New features

Live Merge Tag processing in PDFs i.e. @{Name:1} or @{Name:1:fallback[Something]}

Display the correct user-selected currency for Number and Product Fields in the PDF

  • PHP directive  allow_url_fopen  has been added to the Gravity PDF and Gravity Forms System Status areas

If this runtime setting is disabled, you may notice image display problems in the PDFs. We now include a warning about it on the System Status page. 

Gravity PDF System Status Sceenshot

Other Changes

Bugs Fixed

  • Decode special characters for processed mergetags used in PDF Password or Master Password settings
  • Fix issue uploading TTF files via the Font Manager
  • Fix PHP Notices when processing gravitypdf shortcode under specific conditions
  • Fix validation issue with signed PDF URLs on sub-directory multisites
  • Fix problem displaying PDF Template Upload dropzone for Super Admins on multisite installations

Developer Changes

  • Add gfpdf_pre_uninstall_plugin and gfpdf_post_uninstall_plugin actions
  • Add gfpdf_field_container_class filter to swap out the Helper_Field_Container class with your own
  • Add gfpdf_unfiltered_template_list, gfpdf_fallback_template_path_by_id, gfpdf_template_config_paths, and gfpdf_template_image_paths filters
  • Rewrite Monolog timezone logic to support both v1 and v2, which places nice with other plugins that use this library

The update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates, or can be downloaded from, and installed manually via the File Upload or FTP. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.

We’d like to thank all the users who have given us feedback, or reported an issue. It’s your continued support which helps Gravity PDF grow and become more stable.

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