Gravity PDF 5.2 is Here!

Gravity PDF 5.2 Release (Image)

We’re excited to announce that Gravity PDF 5.2 has landed! Our team is constantly working to improve your Gravity PDF experience, and for this update we mainly focused on enhancing the overall product quality.

What’s new in 5.2?

  1. WordPress 5.3 Support
  2. Huge number of Bug Fixes
  3. Greater Stability
  4. End to End Tests
  5. Added New Developer Actions and Filter

While no user-facing features have been included in this update, we squashed a large number of bugs and focused our efforts on stability. This included paying off technical debt by refactoring portions of our legacy codebase, adding end to end testing, and including better tools for our developers to continue delivering you a quality product.

The update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates, or can be downloaded from, and installed manually via the File Uploaded or FTP. If you need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.



The following bugs have been fixed in Gravity PDF 5.2:

  • Prevent Fatal Error on PHP7.2 when using Category field type set to Checkboxes in Core PDFs
  • Resolve conflict with SiteGround HTML Minifier when generating PDFs in browser
  • Strip PDF page breaks from Header and Footer Rich Text Editor fields
  • Conditionally register WP rewrite tags to prevent third party plugin conflicts
  • Move noindex, nofollow header to beginning of PDF endpoint processing to prevent PDF errors getting indexedPrevent gfpdf_post_pdf_save action getting triggered twice during form submissionResolve issue with Global PDF Settings not getting updated on the initial save
  • Resolve issue displaying Category field in PDF when a category has commas in the label/value
  • Add field fallback support in Core PDFs for third-party custom fields that contain subfields
  • Resolve JS error when using Redirect Confirmation with [gravitypdf] shortcode and submitting an AJAX-enabled form
  • Adhere to the Description placement setting when displaying the Consent Field in Core PDFs
  • Resolve issue setting the PDF image DPI
  • Fix display issue on Gravity PDF Getting Started Page

Additional Developer Changes

  • Add End to End Tests for greater quality control
  • Rewrite Help Search in ReactJS
  • Add WordPress Linting Standard to Codebase
  • Update JS Dependencies
  • Remove ImmutableJS dependency
  • Upgrade mPDF from 7.0.9 to 8.0.3 and add backwards compatibility to prevent breaking changes
  • Optimise transient usage
  • Move non-React JS from Gulp to Webpack bundle
  • Split all non-React JS into components
  • Use WP_Rewrite index property instead of root property when registering PDF permalinks
  • Add pre and post actions for Entry Detail PDF mark-up
  • Include settings, entry_id and form_id to Model_PDF::get_pdf_display_list()
  • Convert PHP loose comparisons == to strict comparisons ===
  • Convert plugin directory names to be PSR-4 compliant for simpler autoloading
  • Refractor class internals for [gravitypdf] shortcode for easier code reusability
  • Remove final from Helper_Abstract_Addon::get_short_name()
  • Speed up PDF generation time by converting O(n2) loop to O(n) loop
  • Add React Sagas for all ReactJS side effects (eg. API/AJAX calls)
  • Add Lazy Load ReactJS components for improved loading times on Gravity PDF admin pages
  • Add better error logging for Background Processing tasks
  • Refractor Core Font ReactJS code

New Actions

The following new actions have been added to Gravity PDF5.2:

  • Add gfpdf_mpdf_post_init_class action to be run after the mPDF object is fully initialised
  • Add gfpdf_pre_pdf_generation_output action run prior to the PDF being output in the browser
  • Add gfpdf_pre_pdf_generation_initilise action run prior to the PDF object creation
  • Add gfpdf_pre_pdf_list_shortcode_column and gfpdf_post_pdf_list_shortcode_column actions run before and after read-only shortcode on PDF List page

New Filter

The following new filter has been added to Gravity PDF5.2:

  • Add gfpdf_mpdf_class_config filter to allow the mPDF initialisation array to be modified