Gravity PDF 6.10.1: Improvements and Bug Fixes


The Gravity PDF 6.1.0 update focuses on squashing bugs, as well as various housekeeping adjustments to improve the overall health and quality of the plugin when run on your website.

In your Core/Universal PDFs, conditional logic on Page Break fields is respected when the Show Page Names setting is enabled. When a page is hidden by conditional logic then all fields on that page will also be hidden in the PDF. You can also add the exclude Custom CSS Class to a Page Break field and the PDF will exclude that specific page name (while still displaying the rest). 

Other bug fixes see a PHP fatal error get fixed when processing PDF Download Links with an invalid entry object, and the PDF settings being refreshed in more situations before a database update.

On the housekeeping front, the cleanup routine for the temporary PDF directory has been adjusted from a 24-hour interval to 12-hours, and the PDF library has been updated to the latest version. We’ve also loosened the restrictions on field labels, and will now process supported HTML in the label when displayed in a PDF.

Refer to the changelog below for full details about this update.

How to Upgrade Gravity PDF?

This update is available via WordPress One-Click Updates, or the plugin can be downloaded from and installed manually via File Upload or FTP.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our friendly support team.



  • Run temporary directory cleanup routine twice daily and delete files older than 12 hours
  • Add gfpdf_system_status_report_items filter for Gravity PDF System Status report details
  • Update mPDF to latest version
  • Allow supported HTML in field labels when displayed in PDF

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolve PHP error when processing shortcode with invalid entry object
  • Adhere to conditional logic and exclude CSS class for Page Break fields
  • In more situations the Gravity PDF settings will be refreshed before the form meta is saved to the database
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