Invoices 2.0: New Features, New Designs, New Integrations

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It’s almost hard to believe that five years have passed since the Gravity PDF Invoice templates were first launched. Time really flies! Over this period, the user feedback has been invaluable at identifying shortcomings and potential improvements in the product. Fast-forward to today, and I’m excited to announce the official release of Invoices 2.0. The major milestone sees an overhauled tax system, improved discounts/coupons visibility, two new invoice designs, and deep integration with a suite of Gravity Wiz perks.

Enhanced Taxes

Image showing off the new Invoices 2.0 Multiple Tax Features and a screenshot of the PDF output with Multiple Taxes enabled.

Gravity Forms doesn’t provide native tax functionality, so when Invoices 1.0 first launched we included basic tax-inclusive pricing. This allowed for a single tax rate to be applied to the entire invoice (provided you included the tax amount in the product price). It was functional, but limiting. For Invoices 2.0, we’ve buffed the tax feature, and now support multiple tax rates per invoice. This allows you to charge different rates for different products (or no tax at all). And if you need tax-exclusive pricing – like our USA friends typically do – native support for Gravity Wiz’s eCommerce Fields perk has been added.

Two All-New Invoice Designs

Image of All-New Invoice Designs: Nova and Vertex

Nova and Vertex have joined our line-up of templates, bringing the total to six unique invoice designs. The clean lines and highlights in Nova make for highly-legible, business-ready invoices. While Vertex is a sharp, compact invoice that suits a range of industries. There’s a little something for everyone!

Improved Display of Discounts / Coupons

Image showcasing the Gravity PDF Itemize Discount setting, and a screenshot of the PDF Output of the itemized discounts

Need to include a discount in your invoices? When using Gravity Forms Coupon add-on, or the Discount field from the eCommerce Fields perk, you can group all discounts together or display each one individually in the totals section.

Gravity Perks

Image showing off the Gravity Wiz eCommerce Fields perk in action and a screenshot of a PDF output showing the Tax, Subtotal, and Discount features of the perk.

You can enhance your forms with Gravity Perks eCommerce Fields, Conditional Pricing, Inventory, Advanced Calculations, Unique ID, or Price Range perks, and the PDF invoices will happily work without issue. Yep, those wizards just keep churning out amazing Gravity Forms add-ons.

Ready to explore these new features?

If you’re already purchased a Gravity PDF Invoice, or have a Template or All Access Pass, you can download version 2.0 from your account page. To install it on your website(s), simply follow our premium template upgrade guide.

If you’re a new user, visit our online store to get started today. Here’s to simpler, more efficient invoicing! 🚀

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