Gravity PDF 5.3 Artwork

Gravity 5.3 Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of Gravity PDF 5.3 which includes support for two popular third party Gravity Forms plugins, and adds a new configuration check to the system

How To Search and Manage GF Filters (Featured Image)
How To

How To: Search and Filter Gravity Forms Entries like a Pro

How To: Learn five simple (but powerful) ways to filter Gravity Forms entries for export with the Gravity PDF Bulk Generator add-on. Take full advantage of everything the Bulk Generator has to offer – and by extension, Gravity Forms, too!

How To Correctly Setup Scoring in Gravity Forms / Gravity PDF (Artwork)
How To

How To: Correctly Setup Scoring in Gravity Forms / Gravity PDF

Learn how to properly configure Gravity Forms so that you don’t get incorrect data displayed in your Gravity PDF documents. So you’ve created a Gravity Forms form with Radio Button fields and are using them in conjunction with a Number field to calculate a total score…

Gravity PDF Bulk Generator Add-on (Artwork)

Now Serving: Bulk Generator Add-on

The Bulk Generator add-on is a game changer for our users. It’s simple to use and it will SAVE you a heap of time managing your Gravity PDF-generated documents. In today’s world, that is invaluable and we know you’ll love it!

Team Member Spotlight Animated GIF

Team Member Spotlight: Debbie Ellis

Welcome to episode two in our blog series about the hard-working and talented people behind Gravity PDF. Today’s spotlight is on Debbie Ellis: a full stack JavaScript developer.

Gravity 5.2.2 Artwork

Gravity PDF 5.2.2 Released

We’re constantly working to improve Gravity PDF to provide our users with the best experience. On February 19, 2020, we’ve released Gravity PDF 5.2.2. As with all point releases (5.2.x

Irene Llego Team Member Spotlight Artwork

Team Member Spotlight: Irene Llego

This month, we spoke with one of our software developers based in the Philippines, Irene Llego. Among many things, she focuses on Bespoke projects/management, helps with the onboarding process, project management, and also assists with customer support.

Gravity 5.2.1 Artwork

Gravity PDF 5.2.1 Released

We’re constantly working to improve your Gravity PDF experience, and the release of Gravity PDF 5.2.1 this week is aimed squarely at that goal. Since it’s a point release (a

Gravity PDF 5.2 Release (Image)

Gravity PDF 5.2 is Here!

We’re excited to announce that Gravity PDF 5.2 has landed! Our team is constantly working to improve your Gravity PDF experience, and for this update we mainly focused on enhancing

GPDF v4 no Longer Supported (Image)

Gravity PDF v4 No Longer Supported

Time certainly flies! It has been over a year since the first release of Gravity PDF v5.  When it launched, we made a promise to our users to provide an

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