Previewer 2.0 Brings a Ton of New Features

Previewer 2.0 (WordPress)

We’re excited to announce the official release of Previewer 2.0! 🎉 Our team has been working hard these past few months to bring you a bigger, better, and more solid PDF preview experience👊. This major release is packed with a TON of new features including new UI appearance modes, enhanced functionality, PDF protection, RTL support, and more!

Watch the launch video to see what awesome new features the Gravity PDF Previewer add-on has added in the 2.0 release:

What’s new in Previewer 2.0

Light and Dark Mode

Previewer 2.0 Light or Dark Mode

You can choose to display the PDF viewer in either Light or Dark mode. Or set to Automatic so the appearance automatically switches based on your device’s default settings. *Hey Siri. Enable Dark Mode*.


Previewer 2.0 Zoom Level

PDFs are not all the same, so why should the default size be fixed? Well not anymore! In 2.0 you can control the default zoom level when the PDF viewer is first loaded, giving a better user-experience while filling out your form. Select a zoom from 50% to 400%, or one of the three zoom profiles: Page Width, Page Fit, Actual Size.

Page Spread

Previewer 2.0 Page Spread

It’s now possible to display PDF pages in a two-column spread, which is useful when generating long documents, or when creating an e-book. Odd and even spreads are supported when viewing PDFs in a vertical layout. Speaking different layouts…

Enhanced Scrolling Options

We’re always scrolling down. But with the prevalence of touch-enabled devices, a vertical layout may not always be the best choice to display your PDFs. That’s why we’ve added horizontal page scrolling to the mix. Pick the most appropriate scroll direction for your documents and users. 👍

Previewer 2.0 Enhanced Scrolling

We’ve also introduced the “Grab Scroll” feature, which gives users the ability to move about the pages by clicking or touching a page and moving the pointer device. It’s never been easier to, well, preview PDFs! 

PDF Protection

Previewer 2.0 PDF Protection

In 2.0 we further enhanced document security, but you can disable these features to allow PDF pages to be downloaded as images, text copy/pasting, and Screen Reader accessibility improvements. It’s your document and it’s your choice. We just want to give you all the tools you need to get the job done.

Multiple Previews

Previewer 2.0 Multiple Previews

Want to showcase different PDFs configured on your form? No problem! You can add multiple PDF viewers so users get a real-time view of different documents in a single form. While this was a feature of v1, you had very limited control over the look and feel of the viewer. Now you can completely change the experience for every Previewer field you add. More power!

Right to Left (RTL) Documents

Previewer 2.0 RTL Support

Take advantage of all the powerful features found in the Previewer plugin no matter where you are in the world 🌎. The PDF viewer automatically adapts if you’ve selected a RTL Site Language and/or when the RTL setting is enabled in the PDF configuration.

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For more details on all the new features included in Previewer 2.0, check out the Previewer Add-on documentation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this release, please feel free to contact our friendly support team. We’d love to hear from you! It’s your continued support that makes Gravity PDF bigger and better. 🧡


New Features

  • New front-end UI with light and dark modes
  • New Horizontal display mode
  • Odd and Even Spread display mode
  • Default Zoom Level control setting
  • Optional right-click protection (enabled by default to prevent saving PDF pages as images)
  • Optional text-copying protection (enabled by default)
  • Faster PDF refresh rate on page load or form change
  • Filename of downloaded PDF now matches PDF Filename setting
  • Faster and more accurate PDF loading and rendering
  • Scroll by dragging/touching the pages
  • Support for Gravity Forms Repeater fields in PDF preview


  • Upgrade PDF.js to 2.12
  • Reduce PDF.js console.log verbosity

Bug Fixed

  • Assign the correct user to the temporary entry created when generating a PDF
  • Fix column display issue in Colossus
  • Fixes Microsoft Edge false-positive when rendering PDF (affected a small number of users)
  • Fix PHP Mod_Security false-positive when rendering PDF (affected a small number of users)
  • Better error handling when PDF cannot be loaded
  • Fix PDF download issue when permalinks are disabled
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